[DIY] Guide to the Best Fly Fishing in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania fly fishing for trout and steelhead is some of the best in the country. Pennsylvania is also a relatively large state that takes about 5 hours to traverse from Philadelphia on the eastern side to Pittsburgh on the western side.

So if you really want to find out where the best PA fly fishing spots are you'll need a good map. Lucky for you we created one. Below is an interactive map all the best trout and steelhead fishing spots in PA.

The map below includes Pennsylvania Special Regulation Trout Streams, Pennsylvania Class A Wild Trout Streams and Pennsylvania steelhead fishing spots in the famed Steelhead Alley. Click on map icons for information about each fishing location and to get directions. 

Pennsylvania Trout and Steelhead Fishing Map

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Twentymile Creek-1: 42.260300, -79.781410
Twentymile Creek-2: 42.239820, -79.772420
Twentymile Creek-3: 42.239820, -79.772420
Sixteenmile Creek: 42.240970, -79.833040
Twelvemile Creek: 42.211110, -79.915220
Cascade Creek-1: 42.125550, -80.110500
Cascade Creek-2: 42.118520, -80.117890
Presque Isle: 42.147710, -80.129730
Walnut Creek-1: 42.075310, -80.238110
Walnut Creek-2: 42.065940, -80.228800
Walnut Creek-3: 42.056210, -80.223860
Walnut Creek-4: 42.046970, -80.171950
Walnut Creek-5: 42.056310, -80.142810
Trout Run: 42.058510, -80.272520
Godfrey Run: 42.043830, -80.310210
Elk Creek-1: 42.020950, -80.374670
Elk Creek-2: 42.020060, -80.368090
Elk Creek-3: 42.007150, -80.353200
Elk Creek-4: 42.007150, -80.353200
Elk Creek-5: 42.007150, -80.353200
Elk Creek-6: 41.998200, -80.336530
Elk Creek-7: 41.998200, -80.336530
Elk Creek-8: 41.991790, -80.318810
Elk Creek-9: 41.991790, -80.318810
Elk Creek-10: 41.991790, -80.318810
Elk Creek-11: 41.993160, -80.218560
Elk Creek-12: 41.997110, -80.199450
Elk Creek-13: 42.004380, -80.202600
Elk Creek-14: 42.003700, -80.189260
Elk Creek-15: 42.002740, -80.174050
Elk Creek-16: 41.997260, -80.163780
Elk Creek-17: 42.002510, -80.143040
Crooked Creek-1: 41.994120, -80.419530
Crooked Creek-2: 41.994120, -80.419530
Crooked Creek-3: 41.983490, -80.401950
Crooked Creek-4: 41.983490, -80.401950
Crooked Creek-5: 41.983490, -80.401950
Raccoon Creek-1: 41.989430, -80.480680
Raccoon Creek-2: 41.976400, -80.472230
Raccoon Creek-3: 41.967970, -80.462930
East Branch Conneaut Creek, PA: 41.894380, -80.370240
West Branch Conneaut Creek, PA: 41.867760, -80.471080
Turkey Creek: 41.965110, -80.510600
Lehigh River (Glen Onoko Access): 40.883632, -75.760161
Lehigh River (Jim Thorpe Access): 40.865223, -75.735210
Lehigh River (Walnutport Access): 40.750030, -75.600513
Lehigh River (Treichlers Bridge Access): 40.733268, -75.539454
Lehigh River (Laury's Station Access): 40.713644, -75.523693
Lehigh River (Gaging Station Access): 41.102379, -75.737900
Lehigh River (White Haven - I-80 Bridge): 41.059209, -75.772282
Lehigh River (Tannery Access): 41.038788, -75.760246
Lehigh River (Hayes Creek Access): 41.034760, -75.743652
Lehigh River (Leslie Run Access): 40.994897, -75.734897
Lehigh River (Rockport Access): 40.966579, -75.755013
Lehigh River (Packerton Yards Access): 40.851963, -75.710609
Lehigh River (Dunbars Access): 40.834213, -75.702583
Lehigh River (Lehighton Sewer Plant): 40.823025, -75.696770
Lehigh River (Pohopoco Creek Access): 40.815872, -75.672852
Lehigh River (Bowmanstown - Rt 895 Bridge): 40.798771, -75.670181
Lehigh River (Bowmanstown Boat Ramp): 40.792419, -75.657120
Lehigh River (Bowmanstown - End of the Road): 40.789631, -75.653252
Lehigh River (Palmerton Horseshoe): 40.796570, -75.619682
Lehigh River (Lehigh Gap Access): 40.782043, -75.606995
Lehigh River (Szokes Access): 40.778591, -75.607567
Spruce Creek (C&R): 40.620209, -78.125359
Yellow Breeches Creek (C&R): 40.147842, -77.123955
Conowago Creek (CRFFO): 39.904667, -77.255600
Yellow Creek (CRFFO): 40.150421, -78.337166
Muddy Creek (CRFFO): 39.798306, -76.435669
Big Spring Creek (CRFFO): 40.133530, -77.408272
Green Spring Creek (CRFFO): 40.167658, -77.455455
Falling Springs Branch (CRFFO): 39.907205, -77.612767
Clark's Creek (CRFFO): 40.424458, -76.851318
Letort Spring Run (CRFFO): 40.175957, -77.186028
East Branch Antietam Creek (CRFFO): 39.741531, -77.562187
Little Juniata River (CRAT): 40.612152, -78.139725
Honey Creek (DHALO): 40.748817, -77.409157
Little Juniata River (DHALO): 40.613171, -78.315483
Falling Spring Branch (DHALO): 39.938705, -77.647438
Quittapahilla Creek (DHALO): 40.327801, -76.504562
Manada Creek (DHALO): 40.395039, -76.709557
Wiconisco Creek (DHALO): 40.533512, -76.938965
Cove Creek (DHALO): 39.837608, -78.049110
East Licking Creek (DHALO): 40.513020, -77.596001
Stony Creek (ATWOYR): 40.413429, -76.787865
Mountain Creek (ATWOYR): 40.003281, -77.352737
Codorus Creek, South Branch (ATWOYR): 39.820007, -76.760056
Shaeffer Run (WBTEP): 40.260860, -77.560646
Codorus Creek (TT): 39.821953, -76.887520
Kaercher Creek Dam (ATWOYR): 40.560978, -75.963165
French Creek (CRFFO): 40.150799, -75.628082
Ridley Creek (CRFFO): 39.945663, -75.422134
Donegal Creek (CRFFO): 40.061436, -76.530632
Octoraro Creek, West Branch (CRFFO): 39.859154, -76.105042
Little Lehigh (CRFFO): 40.532802, -75.535261
Little Lehigh Heritage Section (CRFFO): 40.565015, -75.506298
Bushkill Creek (C&R): 40.700619, -75.231628
Tulpehocken Creek (DHALO): 40.374264, -76.007820
Brandywine Creek, East Branch (DHALO): 40.039688, -75.706810
Pickering Creek (DHALO): 40.100231, -75.543945
White Clay Creek, Middle Branch (DHALO): 39.762302, -75.784294
West Valley Creek (DHALO): 40.005775, -75.666451
Bear Creek (DHALO): 40.584339, -76.141647
Little Schuykill River (DHALO): 40.686539, -76.002220
Monocacy Creek (TT): 40.653717, -75.380844
Saucon Creek (TT): 40.599072, -75.347162
Valley Creek (CRAT): 40.085931, -75.452202
Slippery Rock Creek (CRFFO): 40.904011, -80.224869
Caldwell Creek (CRFFO): 41.668410, -79.598099
Little Sandy Creek (CRFFO): 41.370785, -79.923004
Oil Creek (DHALO): 41.615599, -79.658383
East Hickory Creek (DHALO): 41.610944, -79.368815
Cool Spring Creek (DHALO): 41.225304, -80.216881
Neshannock Creek (DHALO): 41.113071, -80.257020
Piney Creek (DHALO): 41.127892, -79.320213
Oil Creek (DHALO): 41.514507, -79.681519
Shenango River: 41.264839, -80.463524
West Branch Caldwell Creek (C&R): 41.694576, -79.570969
Tionesta Creek (ATWOYR): 41.478741, -79.443665
Little Chartiers Creek: 40.276202, -80.139140
Youghiogheny River (lake to Casselman): 39.803921, -79.367981
Youghiogheny River (Casselman to Ramcat): 39.826797, -79.375107
Dunbar (CRFFO): 39.932161, -79.588061
Little Mahoning Creek (CRFFO): 40.825665, -78.971031
Clear Shade Creek (CRFFO): 40.153000, -78.780838
Meadow Run (DHALO): 39.862450, -79.494751
Dutch Fork Creek (DHALO): 40.121368, -80.474304
Pike Run (DHALO): 40.067608, -79.923004
Chest Creek (DHALO): 40.661806, -78.664426
Buffalo Creek (DHALO): 40.866040, -79.695356
Laurel Hill Creek Upper (DHALO): 40.008410, -79.232582
Laurel Hill Creek Lower (DHALO): 39.858776, -79.320412
Loyalhanna Creek (DHALO): 40.246420, -79.246208
Bull Creek (DHALO): 40.659210, -79.808937
Pine Creek (DHALO): 40.569605, -79.979932
Deer Creek (DHALO): 40.605350, -79.887901
Indian Creek (DHALO): 40.089088, -79.335838
Camp Run (WBTE): 40.095600, -79.327372
Youghiogheny River (ATTT): 39.826270, -79.378861
Tom's Creek (C&R): 41.126160, -74.954651
Bush Kill (CRFFO): 41.110721, -75.093870
Dyberry Creek (CRFFO): 41.648743, -75.276619
Bowman Creek (CRFFO): 41.473569, -75.990272
Towanda Creek (DHALO): 41.698536, -76.612732
Mud Run (DHALO): 41.006780, -75.635463
South Branch Tunkhannock Creek (DHALO): 41.559559, -75.770927
Harveys Creek (DHALO): 41.263962, -76.034927
Nescopeck Creek (DHALO): 41.083622, -75.875961
McMichael Creek (Glenbrook Road): 40.967278, -75.218274
Tobyhanna Creek (DHALO): 41.139093, -75.481954
Dingmans Creek (DHALO): 41.229246, -74.887206
Salt Lick Creek (DHALO): 41.913499, -75.733723
West Branch Wallenpaupack Creek (DHALO): 41.377983, -75.418098
Lackawanna River (TT): 41.487556, -75.541896
Jeans Run (WBTEP): 40.895477, -75.785408
Kistler Run Watershed (WBTEP): 41.135401, -75.477851
Wolf Swamp Run Watershed (WBTEP): 41.047195, -75.394021
Mehoopany Creek (ATWOYR): 41.529054, -76.126861
Sugar Run (ATWOYR): 41.628758, -76.279295
Roaring Brook (C&R): 41.340229, -75.515258
Hickory Run (C&R): 41.024181, -75.710182
Fishing Creek (C&R): 40.987682, -77.504689
Rauchtown Creek (C&R): 41.096493, -77.238693
Cherry Run (C&R): 41.147636, -77.426147
Hunts Run (C&R): 41.453857, -78.177597
Gray's Run (C&R): 41.460934, -77.018150
Young Womans Creek (C&R): 41.378868, -77.695999
Cross Fork (C&R): 41.495720, -77.821655
Penns Creek (C&R): 40.834999, -77.405144
White Deer Creek (CRFFO): 41.028671, -77.125397
Kettle Creek (CRFFO): 41.499676, -77.771187
Red Bank Creek (CRFFO): 41.168819, -79.074806
Spring Creek (CRFFO): 40.883602, -77.790115
Driftwood Branch Sinnemahoning Creek (CRFFO): 41.512642, -78.250168
West Branch Clarion River (CRFFO): 41.542088, -78.681892
Slate Run (CRFFO): 41.471382, -77.505325
Francis Branch Tributary (CRFFO): 41.550472, -77.554550
Marvin Creek (CRFFO): 41.788464, -78.485809
Black Moshannon Creek (DHALO): 40.938351, -78.061211
First Fork Sinnemahoning Creek (DHALO): 41.495209, -78.044640
Big Mill Creek (DHALO): 41.455143, -78.787766
Allegheny River (DHALO): 41.827492, -77.955292
Pine Creek (DHALO): 41.471481, -77.501595
Clarion River, East Branch (DHALO): 41.557343, -78.595673
Pine Creek (DHALO): 41.726682, -77.435468
Little Clearfield Creek (DHALO): 40.925186, -78.480408
Sandy Lick Creek (DHALO): 41.118935, -78.730949
Little Pine Creek (DHALO): 41.405334, -77.335083
Muncy Creek (DHALO): 41.294704, -76.691391
West Branch Tunungwant Creek (DHALO): 41.946087, -78.670006
Kinzua Creek (DHALO): 41.762222, -78.735237
Loyalsock Creek (DHALO): 41.405720, -76.755119
Middle Creek (DHALO): 40.774498, -77.183594
Lycoming Creek (DHALO): 41.337315, -77.087242
Fishing Creek (TT): 40.980141, -77.482300
Lick Run (TT): 41.014069, -77.651154
Tunungwant Creek, East Branch - TT: 41.872948, -78.655884
Cedar Run (TT): 41.527859, -77.448120
Penns Creek (ATTT): 40.829659, -77.415207
Straight Creek (ATWOYR): 41.590252, -78.524734
Laurel Run (ATWOYR): 41.200035, -78.506523
West Creek (ATWOYR): 41.485531, -78.439339
Meade Run (ATWOYR): 41.750313, -78.809052
Clarion River (CRAT): 41.486336, -78.678162
Spring Creek (CRAT): 40.878021, -77.788696
Tulpehocken Creek (ATWOYR): 40.363289, -75.968399
Allegheny Portage Creek, PA: 41.805279, -78.279442
Allwine Creek, PA: 40.270279, -79.005554
Amos Branch, PA: 41.224167, -78.030281
Appenzell Creek, PA: 40.956390, -75.284447
Apple Tree Hollow, PA: 41.567501, -77.558060
Aquashicola Creek, PA: 40.850800, -75.366940
Arnold Creek, PA: 41.278610, -76.191666
Arnold Creek (2), PA: 41.278600, -76.191910
Ash Creek, PA: 41.215832, -75.550278
Aughanbaugh Run, PA: 41.171665, -77.264725
Baker Branch, PA: 41.815834, -77.521111
Baldwin Branch, PA: 41.471287, -77.572395
Baldwin Run, PA: 41.791229, -77.306625
Balliet Run, PA: 41.074165, -76.019722
Bar Bottom Hollow, PA: 41.366943, -76.864723
Barney Run, PA: 41.307777, -77.801582
Bear Creek, PA: 40.590832, -76.116386
Bear Run, PA: 40.985382, -77.487297
Bear Run (2), PA: 41.454723, -77.268059
Bear Run (3), PA: 41.288956, -79.677483
Beaver Creek, PA: 40.720554, -76.017502
Beaver Run, PA: 40.225834, -75.852219
Beaver Run (2), PA: 41.890835, -79.739166
Beaverdam Run, PA: 41.391666, -77.924446
Beech Run, PA: 41.648888, -77.964447
Bell Draft, PA: 41.362130, -78.319060
Benjamin Run, PA: 41.236942, -77.669724
Benner Run, PA: 40.956390, -78.039719
Bens Creek, PA: 40.401112, -78.633614
Berge Run, PA: 41.479710, -78.046940
Beth Run, PA: 41.360558, -76.163612
Bieber Creek, PA: 40.413993, -75.761047
Big Cedar Run, PA: 40.325001, -78.638336
Big Fill Run, PA: 40.713612, -78.186111
Big Moores Run, PA: 41.705210, -77.976100
Big Moores Run (2), PA: 41.631130, -78.000190
Big Rift Creek, PA: 41.868889, -77.121666
Big Run, PA: 41.203609, -77.161392
Big Spring Branch, PA: 41.488335, -77.648056
Big Spring Creek, PA: 40.135804, -77.406287
Big Spring Creek (2), PA: 40.149150, -77.406670
Big Wapwallopen Creek, PA: 41.058056, -77.069725
Billings Branch, PA: 41.628948, -77.576265
Birch Run, PA: 41.557499, -77.949165

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Some of the best trout fishing spots in PA are listed below by region. Use the search function of the map above to locate each stream.


  • ​Steelhead Alley 
  • Caldwell Creek (CRFFO)
  • Cool Spring Creek (DHALO)
  • East Hickory Creek (DHALO)
  • Little Sandy Creek (CRFFO)
  • Neshannock Creek (DHALO)
  • Oil Creek (DHALO)
  • Oil Creek(DHALO)
  • Piney Creek (DHALO)
  • Shenango River
  • Slippery Rock Creek (CRFFO)
  • Tionesta Creek (APTWYRF)
  • West Branch Caldwell Creek (CR)

​North Central

  • ​Allegheny River (DHALO)
  • Big Mill Creek (DHALO)
  • Black Moshannon Creek (DHALO)
  • Cedar Run (TT)
  • Cherry Run (CR)
  • Clarion River (CRAT)
  • Clarion River, East Branch (DHALO)
  • Cross Fork (CR)
  • Driftwood Branch Sinnemahoning Creek (CRFFO)
  • First Fork Sinnemahoning Creek (DHALO)
  • Fishing Creek (CR)
  • Francis Branch Tributary (CRFFO)
  • Gray's Run (CR)
  • Hunts Run (CR)
  • Kettle Creek (CRFFO)
  • Kinzua Creek (DHALO)
  • Laurel Run (ATWOYR)
  • Lick Run (TT)
  • Little Clearfield Creek (DHALO)
  • Little Pine Creek (DHALO)
  • Loyalsock (DHALO)
  • Lycoming Creek (DHALO)
  • Marvin Creek (CRFFO)
  • Meade Run (ARWOYR)
  • Middle Creek (DHALO)
  • Muncy Creek (DHALO)
  • Penns Creek (ATTT, CR)
  • Pine Creek (DHALO)
  • Rauchtown Creek (CR)
  • Red Bank Creek (CRFFO)
  • Sandy Lick Creek (DHALO)
  • Slate Run (CRFFO)
  • Spring Creek (CRFFO)
  • Straight Creek (ATWOYR)
  • Tunungwant Creek, East Branch (TT)
  • West Branch Clarion River (CRFFO)
  • West Branch Tunungwant Creek (DHALO)
  • West Creek (ATWOYR)
  • White Deer Creek (CRFFO)
  • Young Womans Creek (CR)


  • Lehigh River
  • Hickory Run (C&R)
  • Roaring Brook (C&R)
  • Tom's Creek (C&R)
  • Bush Kill (CRFFO)
  • Dyberry Creek (CRFFO)
  • Bowman Creek (CRFFO)
  • Towanda Creek (DHALO)
  • Mud Run (DHALO)
  • South Branch Tunkhannock Creek (DHALO)
  • Harveys Creek (DHALO)
  • Nescopeck Creek (DHALO)
  • McMichaels Creek (DHALO)
  • Tobyhanna Creek (DHALO)
  • Dingmans Creek (DHALO)
  • Salt Lick Creek (DHALO)
  • West Branch Wallenpaupack Creek (DHALO)
  • Lackawanna River (TT)
  • Jeans Run (WBTEP)
  • Kistler Run Watershed (WBTEP)
  • Wolf Swamp Run Watershed (WBTEP)
  • Mehoopany Creek (ATWOYRF)
  • Sugar Run (ATWOYRF)


  • ​Buffalo Creek (DHALO)
  • Bull Creek (DHALO)
  • Camp Run (WBTE)
  • Chest Creek (DHALO)
  • Clear Shade Creek (CRFFO)
  • Deer Creek (DHALO)
  • Dunbar Creek (CRFFO)
  • Dutch Fork Creek (DHALO)
  • Indian Creek (DHALO)
  • Laurel Hill Creek Upper (DHALO)
  • Little Chartiers Creek
  • Little Mahoning Creek (CRFFO)
  • Loyalhanna Creek (DHALO)
  • Meadow Run (DHALO)
  • Pike Run (DHALO)
  • Pine Creek (DHALO)
  • Youghiogheny River (TT)


  • ​Big Spring Creek (CRFFO)
  • Clarks Creek (CRFFO)
  • Codorus Creek (TTALO)
  • Conowago Creek (CRFFO)
  • Cove Creek (DHALO)
  • East Branch Antietam Creek (CRFFO)
  • East Licking Creek (DHALO)
  • Falling Springs Branch (CRFFO)
  • Green Spring Creek (CRFFO)
  • Honey Creek (DHALO)
  • Letort Spring Run (CRFFO)
  • Little Juniata River (CRAT)
  • Manada Creek (DHALO)
  • Mountain Creek (ATWOYR)
  • Muddy Creek (CRFFO)
  • Quittapahilla Creek (DHALO)
  • Shaeffer Run (WBTEP)
  • Spruce Creek (CR)
  • Stony Creek (ATWOYR)
  • Wiconisco Creek (DHALO)
  • Yellow Breeches Creek (CR)
  • Yellow Creek (CRFFO)


  • ​Bear Creek (DHALO)
  • Brandywine Creek, East Branch (DHALO)
  • Bushkill Creek (C&R)
  • Donegal Creek (C&RFFO)
  • French Creek (CRFFO)
  • Kaercher Creek Dam (ATWOYR)
  • Little Lehigh (CRFFO)
  • Little Schuykill River (DHALO)
  • Monocacy Creek (TT)
  • Octoraro Creek, West Branch (C&RFFO)
  • Pickering Creek (DHALO)
  • Ridley Creek (C&RFFO)
  • Saucon Creek (TT)
  • Tulpehocken Creek (DHALO)
  • Valley Creek (C&RAT)
  • West Valley Creek (DHALO)
  • White Clay Creek, Middle Branch (DHALO)

So Where is the Best Fly Fishing in Pennsylvania?

The state of Pennsylvania is just brimming with fabulous opportunities for outdoor adventure and recreation year-round, and fly fishing is no exception. You're never far from a great lake, stream, or river, it seems, and all of them are easily accessible from towns and cities across the state. While some lakes may be private fishing lakes, there are many others that are open to the public. The most common of the fish you'll be catching is the trout, which is available all across the state. If you're looking for blue ribbon waters, Pennsylvania has a number of them.

With so many quality trout streams in Pennsylvania one could spark a serious debate about where the best trout fishing in Pennsylvania is.  Let's take a look at some the leading candidates.

Best Fly Fishing in South Central Pennsylvania

One could arguably say the best fly fishing in Pennsylvania is in the South Central region where you'll find iconic limestone streams such as the Letort, the Little Juniata River and the Yellow Breeches.

Letort Spring Run, Cumberland County

Letort spring run pa

​If you're ready to flex your skills against some seriously wily brown trout, then you need to head to Letort Spring Run.

This stream is famous for the legends of fly fishing who frequented its' banks including Ed Shenk, Ed Koch, Vince Marinaro, and Charlie Fox.

The Letort is designated as a Pennsylvania Class A Wild Trout Stream. A 1.7 mile reach from 300 yards upstream of bridge on T-481 (Bonnybrook Road) downstream to the Reading Railroad Bridge at the southern edge of Letort Spring Park. Is managed as Catch & Release Fly Fishing Only. 

The Letort is challenging stream to fish. The fish can be easily spooked, and once that happens, you’ll have a hard time catching anything. If you are up for the challenge, you'll want to head here between mid-April and February. If you're planning on staying nearby, Carlisle is the closest city.

Best Fly Fishing in North Central Pennsylvania

​North-Central Pennsylvania contains some of the most fabled fly fishing waters in the Commonwealth including Fishing Creek, Penns Creek, Slate Run and Spring Creek. But that's not all. There are also 36 other special regulation trout streams that provide excellent fly fishing opportunities in north-central Pennsylvania. Why not check one out?

Penns Creek, Synder County

Penns Creek PA

Penns Creek is one of, if not the most, famous trout stream in PA.  Large brown trout and the best Green Drake hatch in the Eastern US can be found here.

With 35 miles of trout water, Penn’s Creek is Pennsylvania’s longest limestone trout stream. Penn's Creek consists of three sections.

“Upper” Penns Creek is small averaging 15 to 30 feet wide where it exits the famous Penn's Cave. This is the coldest section of Penns Creek and though the state stocks this section with rainbow trout, very good numbers of wild brown trout are also present.

Penns Creek flows for approximately 13 miles from Penns Cave to the town of Coburn, where is it joined by two limestone streams, Elk Creek and Pine Creek. Here Penns Creek widens to 75 to 100 feet across. Elk Creek and Pine Creek are excellent wild brown trout fisheries in their own rights.

Near Coburn Penns Creek is characterize by large boulders, rock and gravel that fill the stream bed from this point downstream, providing excellent habitat for trout and aquatic insects. Nearly every species of mayfly, caddis and stonefly that exist in the eastern US can be found here creating a hatch-matching paradise. This 11 mile section, downstream to Weikert, is managed as a PA Class A Wild Trout Stream, Pennsylvania’s highest designation and it is not stocked. Trout average 12-13 inches but 14-16 inch fish are common and larger fish are a real possibility.

Much of Penns below Coburn is rimmed by the Bald Eagle State Forest. This vast tract of wild, public land provides beautiful scenery and a wealth of wildlife.

Slate Run, Lycoming County

slate run pa

Slate Run in North Central PA is well known for its wild brook trout and brown trout fishing. Slate Run is remote, quiet, and perfect for testing your skills as the fish are anything but easy to catch here. If you're looking for the brown trout stick to the lower area of the river.

If you don't mind putting in a little extra work you can head to the upper area of the river, which is where you'll find the brookies. What makes the trek worth it is the size of the brookies, which are described as very large. This area is open to anglers year-round and is graded at a moderate skill level.

The seven-mile reach of Slate Run from the confluence of the Cushman and Francis branches downstream to Pine Creek is managed as Catch & Release Fly Fishing Only.

Best Fly Fishing in Northeast Pennsylvania

The Poconos have more than just heart-shaped hot tubs. Northeast Pennsylvania, home to the Pocono Mountains (long-time destination of honeymooners) is laced with sparkling clear streams, wild brook trout and not so many anglers. If you are looking for a little more solitude on your next trout fly fishing outing we’ve got the spot for you.

Lehigh River - Crown Jewel of the Poconos

lehigh river

The Lehigh River is by far the most underrated trout stream in Northeast Pennsylvania, if not the whole state or Eastern US for that matter.

The Lehigh River is a big brawling freestone river that is more characteristic of a trout stream you'd find in the Western US than most of the small mountain streams you typically find in Northeast PA.

Check our Guide to Fly Fishing the Lehigh River for a map of fishing and boating access points, hatch chart, stream gauges and tips on how to fish the river.​

Wild Trout Abound!

Jeans Run PA

There are over 22 regulated trout streams in Northeast Pennsylvania including Catch and Release sections on Hickory Run, Roaring Brook, Tom’s Creek, and Catch and Release Fly Fishing Only sections on Bushkill Creek, Dyberry Creek, and Bowman Creek.

If beautiful wild brook trout get you going then check out Jeans Run and Kistler run where a Wild Brook Trout Enhancement Program is helping restore this native beauty.

Best Fly Fishing Northwest Pennsylvania

Northwest Pennsylvania has an embarrassment of riches when it comes to opportunities to fly fish for rainbow, brown and brook trout and here are 11 of them: Slippery Rock Creek, Caldwell Creek, Little Sandy Creek, Oil Creek, East Hickory Creek, Cool Spring Creek, Neshannock Creek, Piney Creek, Shenango River, West Branch Caldwell Creek and Tionesta Creek.

Nestled in the northwest corner of the state, all of these streams have special regulation sections including Catch and Release fishing on the West Branch Caldwell Creek, and Catch and Release Fly Fishing Only fishing on Little Sandy Creek and Caldwell Creek.

Pennsylvania's Steelhead Alley

Steelhead Alley Fly Fishing

If it's steelhead that you're after then of course the tributaries to Lake Erie in Steelhead Alley are where you need to go.​

Check out our Steelhead Alley Fishing Guide for maps, stream gauges and all you need to know to about fishing Steelhead Alley.

PA Fly Shops, Guides & Outfitters

​Pennsylvania fly shops, fly fishing guides and outfitters are listed by region below. Be sure to stop in at your local shop to get the latest fishing report and pick up any fishing supplies you may need.

Note: If you own a fly shop or guide service and would like to be listed below, please contact us.

Northeastern PA - Delaware River and Lehigh River watersheds

A.A. Outfitters Fly Shop

5728 Route 115

Blakeslee, Pa. 18610



A&G Outfitters

​542 Boulevard Avenue

​Dickson City, PA 18519



Delaware River Club, Inc.

1228 Winterdale Road

Starlight, PA 18461



Dunkelbergers Sports Outfitter

585 Main Street

Stroudsburg, PA 18360



Evening Hatch Flyfishing Shop

797 State Rte 940 East

Lake Harmony, PA 18624



Rivers Outdoors Adventures

22 Hughes Street

New Ringgold, PA, 17960



Southeastern PA - Delaware River and Schuylkill River watersheds

Anglers Pro Shop

​3361 Bethlehem Pike

Souderton, PA 18964



Classic Fly Fisherman

222 South Broad St.

Lansdale, PA 19446



Dave’s Sports Center

1127 North Easton Road

Doylestown, PA US, 18901


French Creek Outfitters

270 Schuylkill Road

Phoenixville, PA 19460



Heritage Fly Shop

2643 Fish Hatchery Road

Allentown, PA, 18103


The Sporting Gentleman

300 West State St.

Media, PA 19063



TCO Fly Shop Philadelphia

895 Penn Street

Bryn Mawr, PA 19010



TCO Fly Shop Reading

2299 Penn Avenue

Reading, PA 19609



Northcentral PA - Susquehanna East & West Rivers watersheds

Big Meadows Fly Shop

5541 route 6

Wellsboro, PA 16901


Big Moores Run Lodge

RD3 Box 204-A

Coudersport, PA , 16915


Cross Fork Tackle Shop

Main Street, Box 261

Cross Fork, PA, 17729


The Feathered Hook LTD.

516 Main Street

Coburn, PA 16832


Flyfisher’s Paradise

2603 E. College Ave.

State College, PA 16801


Slate Run Tackle Shop

PO Box 1 Route 414

Slate Run, PA , 17769


TCO Fly Shop State College

2030 East College Ave

State College, PA 16801


McConnell's Country Store

10853 Route 44 North

Waterville, PA 17776


PA Fly Fishing Books & Maps

There are a number of excellent books and guides available on fly fishing in Pennsylvania.  A few that I highly recommend are listed below: