So who's this site for? Well, I think the name sums it up pretty well. If you like figuring things out for yourself and you enjoy exploring and finding new places to fish, DIY Fly Fishing is the place for you.

Who Am I?

My name is Ken Sperry and I've been a DIY fisherman for 40+ years.  I live in the great state of Pennsylvania and am humbled by all the great places we have to fish, most of which I'm still exploring!

Where to Fish

That's what everybody wants to know, right?

Every time you watch one of those fly fishing videos with the cranking tunes and guys catch monster brown trout, what's the first thing you say to yourself? "I wonder where that is?"

Sure we'd all love to fly out to Montana, stay in a beautiful lodge and hiring a guide for a week to show us where all those beautiful fish live.

But for most of us that's a once-in-a-lifetime deal. The rest of the time we're figuring it out for ourselves. And that's what DIY Fly Fishing is all about.

Maps for the 21st Century

At the heart of DIY Fly Fishing is an interactive mapping tool (like Google Maps) and smartphone App that allows users of the site to map fishing locations. You can keep your fishing locations private or share them with the DIY Fly Fishing Community.

Many state agencies publish fishing maps but most are only available in paper or in GIS format. My personal goal is to convert all this information into something that is far more useful, an easy to use digital map that you can access from your computer, tablet or phone.

Smartphone App

Yes there is a smartphone App too.  You can access all the maps and fishing locations on DIY Fly Fishing right from from your phone.  Have a new fishing locations you want to add to your own personal map while you are out fishing? You can do that too with the DIY Fly Fishing app. Pretty cool!

Like to Keep a Fishing Journal?

You can do that too with the DIY Fly Fishing website and smartphone App.  Just add notes to any of your fishing locations.  You can enter notes from your phone while out fishing or from your computer when you get back home. Your notes are always accessible from where ever you are.

Real-time USGS Stream Flow Data

Most fisherman are stream flow junkies, myself included. To make life easier, all 9,000+ active USGS stream flow gauges have been added to DIY Fly Fishing.  

Just like fishing locations, you can save your favorite stream gauges to your own personal map and access them from your smartphone. Just click on a stream gauge icon from any map and a graph of real-time stream flow data will pop-up.

How Does It All Work?

All this is much easier to show you than describe.  Check out the demo video below to see how it all works.

Hope you enjoy DIY Fly Fishing!