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DIY Guide to Fly Fishing Pocono Creek in Northeast Pennsylvania

Ken Sperry

Posted by Ken Sperry

October 18, 2019

Pocono Creek electrofishing

Although the Poconos are a well-known vacation destination, few anglers are aware of Pocono Creek.

Due to its proximity to the highway, Pocono Creek has received a bad rap for the trash sometimes found in its waters. Local organizations are, however, making enormous efforts to clean up this trout stream and transform it into one of the best fishing destinations in Pennsylvania. 

Located in one of the most beautiful settings in the world, Pocono Creek is the perfect place for fly fishermen looking for their next challenge. Sure, you could always tackle the West Branch Delaware River when you visit the Poconos, but wouldn’t you rather explore this hidden treasure?

 Discover Pocono Creek with the help of our handy guide!

About Pocono Creek

Fly fishing Pocono Creek in Pennsylvania

Pocono Creek is a 15.8 mile long tributary of Brodhead Creek in the Poconos. The Creek drains out of Tobyhanna and Tunkhannock townships, flowing southeast and converging with McMichael Creek. Pocono Creek joins Brodhead Creek in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. It is also joined by a tributary, Little Pocono Creek. 

Pocono Creek is a PA Class A wild trout stream that has a remarkably high biomass of wild brown trout given its’ relatively small size.

For much of the stream’s run, Pocono Creek flows between Route 80 and Route 611 in Tannersville and Bartonsville, Pennsylvania. This means that Pocono Creek suffers somewhat, as many people dump their trash from the highway. 

Still, the Pocono Heritage Land Trust and the Brodhead Chapter of Trout Unlimited have made great strides in cleaning up the stream. Because of their efforts, the Creek has already seen a vast improvement in quality.

At Pocono Creek, you will be fishing for predominantly wild brown trout with some stocked fish in the lower 1.5 miles before confluence with McMichael Creek.

The water can get pretty skinny in certain portions of the stream but there are plenty of deeper holes and runs, which are a favorite hiding place for wily trout.

Pocono Creek Map and Fishing Access Sites

map of fishing spots on Pocono Creek in Pennsylvania

Get Directions to the Fishing Access Points shown above with the DIY Fly Fishing Map

Best Spots to Fish Pocono Creek

You can access Pocono Creek from Tanite Road, Schafers Schoolhouse Road, and Martz Road in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. Heading up stream Pocono Creek is accessible from numerous bridge crossings off Route 611.

Portions of Pocono Creek are posted against trespassing.  Please be mindful of signage. The stream is accessible to wade fishermen.

Stream Flow and Current Conditions

Be sure to check the stream conditions before heading out to fish Pocono Creek. The USGS stream gauge near Stroudsburg, PA provides a good indication of current conditions.The graph below shows the stream flow (discharge) for the past 7-days. If flows are considerably above or below historical norms (yellow triangles on the chart) then fishing conditions maybe not be ideal.

Pocono Creek ab Wigwam Run near Stroudsburg, PA

  • Streamflow: 63.4 ft³/s
  • Gage height: 9.47 ft
Streamflow GraphGage height Graph

Best Time to Fish Pocono Creek

The best times of day to fish Pocono Creek are early morning and late evening. The season is standard Pennsylvania Trout Season. You will probably have the best luck if you fish earlier in the season, but fall can be a good time for catching larger brown trout.

Best Flies for Pocono Creek

Pocono Creek reportedly has a large population of Blue Winged Olives in the spring. 

Regarding fly patterns, here is a list of some of the best flies for Pocono Creek:

  • Midge (#16-26)
  • Quill Gordon (#12-14)
  • Blue Winged Olives (#18-20)
  • Little Mahogany (#16-20)
  • Little Black Caddis (#16-18)
  • Hendrickson (#14-16)
  • March Brown (#10-12)
  • Eastern Gray Drake (#10-12)
  • Large Sulphur (#14-16)
  • Little Sulphur (#16-20)
  • Light Cahill (#14-16)
  • Gray Fox (#12-14)
  • Little Yellow Stonefly (#12-14)
  • Eastern Green Drake (#8-10)
  • Isonychia (#12-14)
  • Brown Drake (#8-10)
  • Hexagenia (#6-8)
  • Yellow Drake (#12-14)
  • Golden Drake (8)
  • Slate Wing Olive (#16-18)
  • Trico (#22-24)
  • Tiny Blue Winged Olive (#22-24)

Gear Recommendations

A 8-1/2-foot 4-wt fly rod with floating line is perfect for fishing dry flies and small nymphs on Pocono Creek.  A tapered 9-foot leader, with tippet size 4X to 6X to match the flies you are throwing, is pretty standard.

Fishing Regulations

Pennsylvania requires all anglers 16 and older to have a standard fishing license, and a special permit for trout fishing, which can be obtained online or in most sporting goods stores in the state.

Pocono Creek fishing regulations are available on the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission website.

Trip Planning Tips

The nearest airport to Pocono Creek is Lehigh Valley International Airport, which is about forty minutes away from your destination. Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport is also another viable option, as it is less than an hour away from the Creek. However, you can visit any major or municipal airport in Eastern Pennsylvania and arrive at your destination after a few hours of scenic driving.

If you are looking for cozy lodgings, Pocono Plaza Inn is only a two minute drive from the Creek and offers reasonable rates and an onsite restaurant/bar. 

Because the Poconos are such a popular vacation spot, there are plenty of great local campgrounds to choose from. Mountain Vista Campgrounds is a mere twenty minutes away from Pocono Creek and offers many different activities throughout the year, ensuring that no matter when you choose to visit, you are bound to have an excellent time.

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Feature Image by Brodhead Trout Unlimited