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[Video] October Caddis Pupa by Rich Strolis

Ken Sperry

Posted by Ken Sperry

September 15, 2011

Rich Strolis of Catching Shadows demonstrates how to tie his October Caddis pupa pattern in this fly tying video.

October Caddis Fun Facts

October Caddis or Fall Caddis are a fall treat for trout in both Western and Eastern streams, although it is not the same species of caddis fly on both coasts. Regardless of species, October Caddis are big, emerge in the fall and trout love them!

The larvae of fall caddis flies build cases from small pebbles and prefer moderate to fast streams until it is time to pupate. Come August, October Caddis larvae move to slower water, seal themselves in their case and pupate.

Once September arrives Fall Caddis emerge as adults and either swim or crawl to stream side vegetation and mate. It’s during emergence that hungry trout take notice of the huge caddis flies, commonly imitated with fly patterns tied on a size 6 to 8 streamer hook, and gorge themselves.

As Rich points out, hitting an October Caddis hatch at the right time is downright exciting and a great time to hook up with a large trout.

October Caddis Pupa Material List

Hook: Dohiku S size10-6
Thread: UTC 140 Burnt Orange
Body: Hareline Trilobal Dubbing
Wing: Ice Fur
Collar: Brahma Hen
Dubbing: Whitlock SLF
Antennae: Buggy Nymph Legs, Orange