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[Virtual Vise] Tying and Fishing Midges

Ken Sperry

Posted by Ken Sperry

January 21, 2014

Fly Fish Food held the first ever Virtual Vise fly tying session last week that was broadcast live on YouTube Events and Google Hangouts. It’s a pretty neat concept akin to an in-person fly tying class only held on the internet. As you will see folks can interact with each other and ask question just like you would in an in-person class (sort of).

In this first episode of Virtual Vise, host’s Curtis Fry and Clark (“Cheech”) Pierce cover the basic of what exactly a midge is, a bit about the midge life cycle and then demonstrate how to tie several patterns including: The Gut-bomb Bloodworm, Yong Special, Foamerger, Parachute Emerger, Bunny Midge and Peacock King.

It’s a long video (1.5 hours) but if you’ve got some time to spare and want to learn about midges and how to tie midge patterns it’s definitely worth it.