[Video] Snowshoe Rabbit Sulphur Emerger

I was fishing the South Branch Raritan River in New Jersey last night and had the good fortune to catch a pretty impressive emergence of Sulphur mayflies just before dark. I had some lighter colored Fran Betters’ Usual fly patterns but I wish I had a few of the Snowshoe Rabbit Sulphur Emergers featured in this week’s Fly Night Fly Tying Video by Aaron Jasper of Trout Predator Online.

3 Key Elements of a Mayfly Emerger

As Aaron points out there are 3 key elements to an effective mayfly emerger fly pattern – the nymphal shuck, the body and the wing. When tying the sulpher emerger keep the shuck pretty thin, it should be translucent. The body should have a nice taper – carrot shaped – with a thicker thorax. The nice thing about using snowshoe rabbit is it floats like a cork and a little goes a long way so you can keep the wing pretty thin.

Snowshoe Rabbit Sulphur Emerger Material List

Thread: Uni-Thread 8/0, Yellow
Body: Superfine Dubbing, Yellow
Wing: Snowshoe Rabbit foot
Shuck: Darlon, Brown


About the Author Ken Sperry

Ken is an avid fisherman of 40+ years who loves to explore and find new places to fish. He created DIY Fly Fishing to help you do the same.

T Coker says

Great help, for a new tyer. Thanks for the video and all the good info about the flies. I would like to know how and where to cut the pieces of fur and feathers from the various pieces of fly tying materials, can you suggest a good book ??? thanks again tcoker

Ken Sperry says

T Coker – great question! Material selection and preparation does take some time to master. Charlie Craven’s Basic Fly Tying is one the best books on the market for new fly tiers and he covers material selection and prep in great detail. The book is based on his popular fly tying classes and has received rave reviews. Good luck and thanks for commenting!