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[Video] Tying a Slate Drake Nymph by Rich Strolis

Ken Sperry

Posted by Ken Sperry

September 23, 2011

Rich Strolis of Catching Shadows is back with another awesome fly tying video tutorial. This week Rich ties a Slate Drake nymph pattern, an Isonychia imitation.

Slate Drake Fun Facts

The Slate Drake nymph is among the fastest swimming nymphs in the world. For this reason, and as Rich points out, you could even fish this pattern more like a wet fly. Another interesting fact about Isonychia nymphs is that they are one of the only predatory mayflies, often feeding on caddis larvae and mayfly nymphs.

Slate Drake Nymph Material List

Hook: TMC 2302, size 8-12
Thread: UTC 140 Rusty Brown
Tails: Ostrich
Wingcase/Shellback: Sybai Body Stretch & Holographis Tinsel
Rib: Ultra Wire, Black
Body: Spectrumized Dubbing
Legs: Brahma Hen