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[Video] Sticky Icky Caddis Larva Pattern

Ken Sperry

Posted by Ken Sperry

December 2, 2010

Rich Strolis of Catching Shadows shows us in this fly tying video how to tie his Sticky Icky, another easy to tie Caddis larva pattern that also passes for a grub imitation.

Chewy Caddis Larva

The Sticky Icky Caddis larva gets its’ name from the UV Chewee Skin it is made from. UV Chewee Skin is a stretchy, UV reflective material that is highly visible to trout and makes great Caddis larva fly bodies – and yes it is chewy. As Rich points out, make sure to tie in the UV Chewee Skin with the reflective (shinny side) facing out.

About UV Chewee Skin

UV Chewee Skin has many uses including nymph bodies, wing cases and scud backs. Substitute for Thin Skin and skip the epoxy or use in place of Turkey quills for wing cases. UV Chewee Skin is a lot like Sili Skin but without the hassle of an adhesive back sticking to everything including itself.

One thing to note, UV Chewee Skin is not compatible with all glues and head cement. It is reportedly compatible with Softex, most flexible head cements and epoxy, although I haven’t tested them all.

Material List

Hook: Dohiku 644 Grub or TMC 2499 spbl, size 6 to 14
Thread: UTC 140
Bead: Tungsten bead (Flyman Fishing Metalhead)
Underbody: Lead tape
Undercoating: Uni-Stretch, 1x, Olive
Body: UV Chewee Skin
Collar: Spiky Squirrel or Hare’s Ear