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Steelhead [Salmon] Flesh Fly

A fly tying video tutorial by Alaska Fly Fish demonstrating how to tie a simple one-material Salmon flesh fly for steelhead.

Ken Sperry

Posted by Ken Sperry

November 3, 2010

In a previous post I mentioned I am gearing up for my first steelhead fly fishing trip on the Salmon River in New York. Having not done this before I naturally starting digging around to find out what flies I will need. A bunch of the Salmon River fishing reports I came across recommended egg patterns and flesh flies. Why?

Well, as I write this in early November, the Salmon are just about done spawning in the Salmon River and the steelhead are right on their tails sucking down salmon eggs and decaying salmon flesh. Makes sense.

What Is A Flesh Fly?

Good question. Fortunately, the guys at Alaska Fly Fish made this nice fly tying video tutorial to show us. Pretty simple one-material fly actually. All we need is a your favorite streamer hook and some ginger colored Rabbit Zonker Strips.

I’ll let you know how I make out with these bad boys when I get back.