South Platte River Dream Stream

DIY Guide to Fly Fishing the South Platte River in Colorado

To call the South Platte River a fly-fishing legend is something of an understatement.

In fly fishing circles, it has achieved heroic myth status as THE fly fishing destination for Gold Medal trout.

The beauty of the place alone could carry it to legendary status on its own merits, as the massive granite formations and boulders stand like a testament to the passage of giants in ages past.

The age of the general area (especially around Waterton Canyon), has caused the granite in the area to exfoliate, resulting in domes of solid rock that are as majestic as they are mystifying.

The scenery may be legendary, but it is the fishing that makes the gives the area its status as a location for mighty deeds of anglers that would seem downright mythical if not for the innumerable pictures and trophies taken there.

As many as 7,000 fish freely swim each of the many miles of the South Platte River as it flows from Deckers through the Waterton Canyon, and on a weekend in good weather it can see near almost as many fisherman.

South Platte River Map and Fishing Access Sites

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South Platte River (Elevenmile Canyon): 38.971337, -105.365915
South Platte River (blw Spinney): 38.970520, -105.615134
South Platte River (Cheeseman Canyon): 39.243854, -105.236750
South Platte River (Middle Fork): 39.109942, -105.889020
South Platte River (North Fork): 39.420248, -105.534478
South Platte River (Eleven Mile Canyon Tailwater): 38.905897, -105.470097
SOUTH PLATTE RIVER AT 64TH AVE. COMMERCE CITY, CO.: 39.812208, -104.958313
SOUTH PLATTE RIVER AT ENGLEWOOD, CO.: 39.664987, -105.004149
SOUTH PLATTE RIVER AT FORT LUPTON, CO.: 40.116094, -104.818583
SOUTH PLATTE RIVER AT FORT MORGAN, CO: 40.268403, -103.801192
South Platte River (Middle Fork Headwaters): 39.364895, -106.133723
South Platte River (Tomahawk SWA Access): 39.076443, -105.858765
South Platte River (South Fork Headwaters): 39.123868, -106.175780
South Platte River (South Fork Lower): 39.010648, -105.741720
South Platte River (Fishing Access): 39.020292, -105.970350
South Platte River (South Fork Upper): 38.992370, -105.938200
South Platte River (Dream Stream): 38.972222, -105.621042
South Platte River (Dream Stream Access): 38.968018, -105.582218
South Platte River (Eleven Mile Canyon): 38.905127, -105.474343
South Platte River (Eleven Mile Canyon Access): 38.906697, -105.470252
South Platte River (Above Cheeseman Canyon): 38.985833, -105.363793
South Platte River (Fishing Access): 39.136610, -105.367502
South Platte River (Cheeseman Canyon): 39.208249, -105.271611
South Platte River (Cheeseman Canyon Upper Access): 39.220468, -105.278893
South Platte River (Cheeseman Canyon Lower Access): 39.241780, -105.266163
South Platte River (Deckers): 39.254854, -105.226979
South Platte River (Deckers Fishing Access): 39.254455, -105.227351
South Platte River (Waterton Canyon): 39.433011, -105.125949
South Platte River (Waterton Canyon Fishing Access): 39.471384, -105.134654
South Platte River (Fishing Access): 39.567054, -105.041415
South Platte River (South Platte Downtown): 40.909945, -102.579911
MIDDLE FORK SOUTH PLATTE AT PRINCE: 39.109434, -105.890019
South Platte River (Charlie Meyers SWA): 38.965395, -105.597537
South Platte River (Chatfield State Park): 39.521191, -105.077105
South Platte River (Cove Campground): 38.909160, -105.460854
South Platte River (Eleven Mile Canyon): 38.905086, -105.465499
South Platte River (Eleven Mile Canyon): 38.911339, -105.457710
South Platte River (Eleven Mile Canyon): 38.918218, -105.439565
South Platte River (Eleven Mile Canyon): 38.925542, -105.428410
South Platte River (Eleven Mile Canyon): 38.951466, -105.391599
South Platte River (Eleven Mile Canyon): 38.962692, -105.374486
South Platte River (Idlewild Picnic Area): 38.906271, -105.462581
South Platte River (Longwater Gulch): 39.102697, -105.337204
South Platte River (Messenger Gulch): 38.936012, -105.405943
South Platte River (O'Brien Gulch): 38.957377, -105.389904
South Platte River (Pike National Forest): 39.228886, -105.264023
South Platte River (Pike National Forest): 39.252122, -105.235066
South Platte River (Pike National Forest): 39.349200, -105.176711
South Platte River (Riverside Campground): 38.960018, -105.375130
South Platte River (Sledge Hammer Gulch): 38.943168, -105.393927
South Platte River (South Platte Park): 39.583776, -105.028772
South Platte River (Spillway Campground): 38.906647, -105.467870
South Platte River (Spillway Dam): 38.906225, -105.471346
South Platte River (Spinney Mountain SWA): 39.003232, -105.713228
South Platte River (Springer Gulch): 38.927408, -105.424917
South Platte River (Wagon Tongue Gulch): 38.926121, -105.425915
South Platte River, Middle Fork (Badger Basin SWA): 39.036812, -105.793554
South Platte River, Middle Fork (Tomahawk SWA): 39.070966, -105.841459
South Platte River, North Fork: 39.426714, -105.217534
South Platte River, North Fork: 39.448647, -105.621196
South Platte River, North Fork: 39.504513, -105.834539
South Platte River, South Fork (Badger Basin SWA): 39.020254, -105.834974
South Platte River, South Fork (Badger Basin SWA): 39.025206, -105.814937
South Platte River, South Fork (Knight-Imler SWA): 39.060899, -105.970653
Charlie Meyers SWA: 38.969599, -105.581829
Charlie Meyers SWA: 38.964608, -105.610260
Charlie Meyers SWA: 38.965401, -105.597559
Spinney Mountain SWA: 39.014292, -105.730310
Spinney Mountain SWA: 39.008150, -105.708984

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Best Places to Fish the South Platte River

There really isn’t any particular section of the South Platte that doesn’t offer fantastic opportunities to land a trophy Brown, Brook, or Rainbow trout.

These have been considered championship fishing since the mid 19th century when anglers started making trips from back east on the newly constructed railways that made access to the area a matter of a few days travel.

The easiest way to get to the headwaters of the river is from Highway 67, which follows the main course of the South Platte’s flow through Pike National Forest to the edge of Waterton Canyon.

Private property in the area tends to be well marked, so concerns over trespassing are less of an issue than in some other fishing spots in Colorado.

Take care cruising the roads in the area though, as some of the more mountainous routes are narrow, and traffic can be crowded on the weekend during peak season.

This world famous fishing area ends where the North Fork of the Colorado meets the South Platte at the entrance of the Waterton Canyon.

How to Fish the South Platte River in Waterton Canyon by Ascent Fly Fishing

Conifer, Pine Junction, Deckers, and Sedalia are all popular “jumping off” points for anglers looking to land a Gold Medal trout, and all of them offer access to the river via Highway 67. If you do decide to visit during peak season (spring and summer hatches after runoff), be prepared for traffic and crowds.

South Platte River Flow and Current Conditions



    Best Time to Fish the South Platte River

    Thanks to the weather in the high meadows of the South Platte River region, there are hatches of caddis fly almost year round, and though the winter cold can be absolutely brutal, it is a good way to avoid the crowds that pack the river’s edge during the busy season.

    Access to the water is somewhat more problematic in the winter, though it has more to do with the ice and snow along Highway 67 than it does other anglers hoping to make the catch of a lifetime. Layer up and dress warm in the winter, and bring plenty of bug spray to deal with the mosquitoes during the warmer months.

    South Platte River Fly Box

    Recommended flies for the South Platte River include:

    - Parachute Adams

    - Elk Hair Caddis

    - Loop Wing Emerger

    - Barr’s Emerger BWO

    - Chartreuse Copper John

    - Juju Baetis

    - RS2

    - Buckskin

    - Caddis Larva

    - Zebra Midge Black/Silver

    - Pure Midge Larva Black or Black/Red

    - Disco Midge

    - San Juan Worm

    - Dave’s Hopper

    - Egg patterns

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    South Platte River Fishing Tips

    A 9-foot 5-wt fly rod with floating line is perfect for fishing dry flies and small nymphs on the South Platte River. A tapered 9-foot leader, with tippet size 3X to 6X to match the flies you are throwing, is pretty standard.

    South Platte River Fishing Reports

    South Platte River Fishing Regulations

    Colorado Parks and Wildlife Department has some region specific rules for fisherman along the South Platte, so get familiar with them before heading out:

    - From Cheesman Dam downstream to upper boundary of Wigwam Club - Gold Medal - fishing with artificial flies or lures only; catch and release

    - From lower boundary of Wigwam Club to Scraggy View picnic ground - Gold Medal - fishing with artificial flies or lures only; bag and possession is 2 fish, 16" or longer

    - From Strontia Springs dam to 300 yds upstream from DWB diversion structure - fishing with artificial flies or lures only; bag and possession is 2 fish, 16" or longer

    Provided you abide by these rules, you are going to enjoy your visit to the legendary South Platte River, often nicknamed “The Dream Stream.”

    South Platte River Regulation in South Park

    The Colorado Parks & Wildlife publish several maps that illustrate where special fishing regulations apply to the South Platte River in South Park and from Cheesman to Chatfield reservoirs.

    South Platte River_South Park

    South Platte River Regulations Cheesman to Chatfield Reservoir

    South Platte River_Cheesman

    South Platte River Trip Planning Tips

    Deckers is only 53 miles from the Colorado Springs Airport, so flights in and out of that location are recommended for visitors.

    If you plan on visiting during peak season though, make sure you reserve all of your accommodations months in advance, as local cabins, campgrounds, and hotels fill up fast during peak trout season.

    Avoid having to stay and travel from locations further away from the fishing by planning ahead for your short or extended trips.

    Definitely check out vacation rentals in the area too, as you can sometimes find a great place to stay for you and your fishing party for much more reasonable rates than hotels and cabins usually charge.


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