[Video] Tying a Variant of DeFrank’s Grim Reaper

Tim Cammisa ties a variant of DeFrank’s Grim Reaper, a fantastic steelhead fly. Originally tied by Mark DeFrank (owner of DeFrank’s Flies and Guide Service) for steelhead in the Great Lakes region (specifically the tributaries of Lake Erie, aka Steelhead Alley), this is a go-to fly for many steelhead fanatics.

DeFrank’s Grim Reaper Variant Material List

Hook: Allen Fly Fishing S402SBL, Size 8 to 14
Thread: Uni-thread 8/0, Black
Ribbing: Ultra Wire, Chartreuse, Small
Body: Krystal Flash, Chartreuse
Thorax: Quick Descent dubbing, Light Olive
Hackle: European Grouse (or hen hackle such as JV Hen Hackle from Clearwater Hackle)


p.s. You can watch Mark DeFrank tie the original version of this signature fly pattern here.

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