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[Video] How to Tie a Euro Early Black Stonefly

Ken Sperry

Posted by Ken Sperry

March 7, 2024

European version of an Early Black Stonefly

Are you tired of the same old Early Black Stone? Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions isn’t! He’s taking this classic fly pattern to the next level with a Euro twist. This video unveils his secret weapon: a jig hook, black bead, and fluorescent orange hotspot for irresistible attraction.

But wait, there’s more! Tim’s not just sharing a pattern variation; he’s dropping serious fly-tying knowledge bombs. Learn his ingenious method for anchoring the antennae under the bead, and discover how to master working with round rubber for a super slim, unbelievably buggy profile. This fly will come alive in the water, guaranteed to get fish curious and striking!

Euro Early Black Stonefly Material List

  • Hook: Black barbless jig hook (here, a Lightning Strike JF2), size 16.
  • Bead: Slotted tungsten bead, 3/32-inch, black nickel.
  • Thread: UTC 70 Denier, fluorescent orange.
  • Antennae/tails: Centipede legs, mini, black.
  • Body: Stretch round rib, small, black.