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[Video] Charlie Craven’s Pheasant Tail Nymph

Ken Sperry

Posted by Ken Sperry

October 16, 2009

Charlie Craven shows us how to tie a perfect pheasant tail nymph in less than two minutes. Want to know his secret?

Practice Makes Perfect

You got it – practice! Charlie is a professional fly tier who has perfected his skills by tying up to 20 dozen trout flies a day and has been tying for over 30 years! Charlie is a man of few words in this video but just watching him tie is amazing. His precision and phenomenal thread control skills are off the chart.

Charlie names thread control as one of the most important aspects of fly tying and he tightens every wrap to the breaking point of the fly tying thread (unfortunately for me I seem to go past that point more often than not!).

Want to Learn to Tie Flies Like Charlie?

Pick up a copy of Charlie’s book Basic Fly Tying: Modern Techniques for Flies That Catch Fish. Here’s what one reviewer on Amazon had to say about Charlie’s book,

“Simply the Best! I have tied flies for 43 years. I have tied commercially while in high school and college. I own or have read virtually every book on fly tying, and have taken classes with a slew of great tiers. This is, quite simply, the best basic fly tying book I have ever seen. The organization is great. The selection of basic techniques is spot on, and the photography is superb in it’s clarity and explanatory power.”

Charlie’s book is available on amazon here.