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[Video] Little Black Stonefly by Hans Stephenson

Ken Sperry

Posted by Ken Sperry

March 1, 2011

Hans Stephenson of Dakota Angler & Outfitters ties an early season Little Black Stonefly in this fly tying video tutorial.

Little Black Stonefly

In the Black Hills of South Dakota the dry fly season starts in earnest with the hatches of little black stoneflies starting in March and continuing to May. If you fish Rapid Creek, Spearfish Creek, and Castle Creek in particular, keep your eye out for this often prolific hatch that fish go crazy over. This little black stonefly pattern will fool even the most selective fish.

Little Black Stonefly Material List

Hook: Diiachi 1100 size 16-20 or TMC 100
Tail: Moose body
Abdomen: Spirit River Fine & Dry March Brown or Nature Spirits’ Emergence Dubbing Charcoal Black
Wing: Grizzly hackle feather or hen feather
Hackle: Black CDC
Head: Same dubbing as above
Antennae: Moose body

Materials for Hans’ Little Black Stonefly are available at Dakota Angler & Outfitters here.