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[Steelhead Flies] Rolled Muddler Minnow

Learn how to tied a Rolled Muddler Minnow in this fly tying video tutorial.

Ken Sperry

Posted by Ken Sperry

October 22, 2010

This week’s Friday Night Fly Tying Video continues our mini-series on steelhead flies and features a Rolled Muddler Minnow fly pattern courtesy of Scott’s Virtual Fly Tying. The Rolled Muddler Minnow is better known as a Coho Salmon fly but finds it way onto our simple steelhead flies list because it is so versatile and can be tied to mimic a variety of baitfish that steelhead are accustomed to eating.

Simply Muddler Minnow

The Rolled Muddler Minnow is more sparsely tied than many Muddler Minnow patterns you see today making it a wee bit easier to tie, less buoyant and easier to fish throughout the water column. The later is especially important if you are fishing waters were Sculpin, a bottom dwelling baitfish, are present and on the menu.

Rolled Muddler Minnow Material List

Hook: Streamer hook, size 8 – 12
Bead: 1/8″ silver bead
Thread: Uni-thread 8/0, red
Body: Flat Mylar Tinsel (silver)
Wing: Deer Hair
UnderWing: Mallard Flank (natural)
Tail: Mallard Flank (natural)