[Video] Tying the Transformer Midge (Dry Fly) by Davie McPhail

This is a great all-round dry fly pattern which will represent a Hawthorn, Gnat and Adult Midge..It is worth tying in a smaller size as well and instead of CDC as the wing a pearly flash can be used.

Materials Used

Hook: Kamasan B160 size 14
Thread: Uni-8/0 Black
Body: Small or Micro Black Suede Chenille
Legs: Pre-Knotted Black Pheasant Tail
Wing: Natural CDC Feathers
Thorax: Dyed Black Peacock Herl
Hackle: Grizzle Cock

About the Author Ken Sperry

Ken is an avid fisherman of 40+ years who loves to explore and is on a quest to map the best places for fly fishing in America. He created the DIY Fly Fishing App to share this information and help you find new places to fish.

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