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[Video] Rock Candy Caddis Larva

Ken Sperry

Posted by Ken Sperry

December 2, 2010

Rich Strolis of Catching Shadows demonstrates in this fly tying video how to tie his Rock Candy Caddis Larva, a virtually bomb-proof Caddis larva fly pattern that also passes for a grub imitation when tied in the larger sizes.

Body by Rock Candy

The Strolis Rock Candy Caddis larva features a pretty unique material, Sybai Flat Body Glass, which is a stretchy synthetic material that makes great Caddis larva bodies. Thin Skin makes a decent alternative to the Body Glass.

As Rich shows us, overlapping the Body Glass when wrapping the body produces a ribbed effect that mimics the segments in a Caddis larva body. Due to the elasticity of the Sybai Body Glass, this caddis pattern is super durable and laughs at rocks as it bounces off – a lot like a Vladi Worm.

How to Fish Rock Candy

Tied with a Tungsten bead and lead body, this Caddis larva fly pattern makes a great anchor fly in a multi-fly nymphing rig fished with an indicator or Euro style with a sighter. You can lighten up the fly with a brass bead if you like.

Rock Candy Caddis Material List

Hook: Dohiku 644 Grub or Knapek G, or TMC 2499 spbl, size 6 to 16
Thread: UTC 140, chartreuse
Bead: Tungsten or Brass, black
Underbody: Flat lead or lead wire
Undercoating: Uni-Stretch, 1x, chartreuse
Body: Sybai Flat Body Glass or Thin-Skin, olive
Collar: Spiky Squirrel Dub