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Fly Fishing with Strike Indicators

Ian and Charity Rutter of R&R Fly Fishing give us some pointers on fly fishing nymphs with a strike indicator in small mountain streams in their latest episode of Advice from the Guides video blog. High Stick Nymphing Video Filmed in the Great Smoky Mountains on Little River and Middle Prong of Little River, the […]

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big brown trout

4 Tips to Catching Big Trout Down Deep

This Fly Fishing Tip is brought to you by Jake Ricks of Utah Fly Guides.What Lies BeneathThere’s just something in all of us that wants to know what lies beneath. That’s a big part of the reason we fish. The deeper and darker the run or pool on a river the more we are inclined […]

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[Video] How to Tie a Frenchie by George Daniel

George Daniel, US National Fly-Fishing Champion and author of Dynamic Nymphing, demonstrates how to tie the Frenchie in this fly tying video tutorial. About The Frenchie The Frenchie is a simplified pheasant tail nymph pattern popularized by the French in competition fly fishing and one of the most popular flies used in European style nymphing […]

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European nymphing fly rods

European Nymphing Fly Rod Craze or Bandwagon?

Well I guess European nymphing, or Euro nymphing, is officially a craze with several major manufacturers looking to get in on the action with new longer specialty fly rods targeting the US market this year. European Nymphing Craze I’m not exactly sure when it happened but European nymphing techniques including short-line Czech nymphing, and long-line […]

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[Video] How-to Make a Backing Sighter for a European Nymphing Rig

Add a little color to your European nymphing leader with a backing sighter and see strikes like never before. Learn how in this short video from Trout Predator Online.

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[Video] How-to Make a European Nymphing Coiled Mono Sighter

This quick video tutorial shows you how to build a coiled mono sighter used in place of a strike indicator when fly fishing with nymphs. Used in several European nymphing methods, including French Nymphing and Spanish nymphing techniques, a coiled mono sighter greatly increases strike detection. What’s a Sighter The concept of a sighter was […]

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french spanish nymphing leader

[How-to] Build a French / Spanish Nymphing Leader

I’ve been experimenting with European fly fishing nymphing techniques including Czech nymphing, French nymphing and Spanish nymphing. The Europeans have been kicking butt in international fly fishing competitions for years using these techniques for fishing nymphs so I figured they were worth a look. Czech Nymphing In the last few posts we covered Czech nymphing, […]

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[Video] How-to Rig a 2-Fly Czech Nymphing Setup

A little intimidated by the thought of fishing 3 or 4 flies like the Czech’s do? So was I, and frankly it’s a bit of a pain in the butt. Not to worry though, a 2-fly Czech nymph setup works pretty darn well too. 2-Fly European Nymphing Rig In this video tutorial Aaron Jasper of […]

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[Video] How-to Build a Czech Nymphing Leader

Czech Nymphing Leader Aaron Jasper demonstrates a Davy Wotton leader knot that can be used to construct a Czech nymphing leader.  I attended Aaron’s Euro Nymphing Clinc earlier this year where he demonstrated how to build and fish a Czech nymphing rig. If what follows sounds confusing, trust me it’s not. It’s just hard to explain. […]

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Euro Nymphing: Czech Nymphing, French Nymphing, Spanish Nymphing

Euro nymphing techniques, including Czech nymphing and Spanish nymphing, are all the rage these days but what are they? Watch the video and find out. Czech Nymphing Simply put Czech Nymphing is a short-line nymphing technique that uses an upstream dead drift presentation that is akin to what we call High Sticking here in the […]

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