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Euro Nymphing: Czech Nymphing, French Nymphing, Spanish Nymphing

Ken Sperry

Posted by Ken Sperry

October 28, 2009

Euro nymphing techniques, including Czech nymphing and Spanish nymphing, are all the rage these days but what are they? Read on and find out.

Czech Nymphing

Simply put Czech Nymphing is a short-line nymphing technique that uses an upstream dead drift presentation that is akin to what we call High Sticking here in the US. The difference being that the Europeans typically fish 3 or 4 flies off droppers tied 18” to 24” apart methodically combing the water with very short drifts (sometimes as little as 3 to 4 feet).

The key here is maintaining a taunt leader. There is no belly in the line and there is no line lying on the water. This differs significantly from many of the nymphing techniques popular here in the US and aids tremendously in strike detection.

Spanish Nymphing

Spanish nymphing is very similar but uses much longer leaders (up to 30 feet) enabling you to fish at greater distances than with the Czech method as is shown in this second video by Aaron Jasper of Trout Predator Online. Although the video is about how to set the hook when nymphing Aaron is using a long line Euro nymphing technique. He is even using a coiled mono sighter as a strike indicator. Look closely and you’ll see the sighter right where the line enters the water. The Spanish nymphing technique is great for fishing for wild trout or heavily pressured fish or when you just can’t get that close to the fish.

Equipment, Rigging and Techniques

Last week we discussed how to tie a Czech nymph. In the coming weeks we’ll take a closer look at nymphing fly rods, leader construction, sighters (as oppose to strike indicators) and techniques that are specific to Euro nymphing and differ quite a bit from what we are use to here in the states.

Stay tuned….

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