[Video] How to Tie a Nuke Egg (Antron Egg)

Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions presents his version of a Nuke Egg (i.e., egg pattern with a nucleus), dubbed an Antron Egg, in this fly tying video demonstration.

Fun Egg Pattern With an Egg Dot To Boot

With the onset of Steelhead runs in the Great Lakes tributaries (and elsewhere), now is the time to whip up some egg patterns and they don’t get much more fun to tie than Tim’s Antron Egg.  Made from from a single material, Antron, Tim uses a neat trick that works great to get that classic egg shape and look.  The use of a darker shade of Antron for the center of the egg and lighter colored Antron for the outer layer of the egg yields a translucent egg where you can see the egg dot (the egg nucleus) in the center of the egg when wet.

Nuke Egg Material List

Hook: Dai-Riki 125, Size 8-18
Thread: UTC 70, White
Egg Exterior: Antron dubbing (lighter color)
Egg Dot (nucleus): Antron dubbing (darker color)

Color combinations that I like include Pink/Red, Orange/Red, and Chartreuse/Orange but you’ll need to vary the color combinations to match the eggs in your stream.  Tie these in size 8-12 for Steelhead and smaller sizes 12-18 for trout.


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