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[Video] How to Tie a Simple Golden Stonefly Nymph

Ken Sperry

Posted by Ken Sperry

March 17, 2016

Golden Stonefly nymph

Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions demonstrates how to tie a golden stonefly nymph on a euro-style jig hook in this fly tying video tutorial.

Golden Stonefly Nymph Fly Tying Tips

As usual, Tim shares some pretty helpful fly tying tips in this video, starting with mashing the wire used for weight so that it fits into the slotted bead.  This keeps it in place and prevents the wire from spinning on the hook.  Simply but brilliant!

mash wire

Next, allow the wire rib to slide behind the far side of the hook shank when tying it in.  This helps when you go to rib the fly as the wire will be pointing in the right direction and easier to wrap around the hook.

rib behind hook

This next tip is real important. As you start to wrap the pheasant tail fibers used for the body, keep your tying thread in front of the fibers.  Pressure from the thread will help to keep the fibers together and help to create a nice evenly tapered body.

tying thread

Finish off the fly with some head cement or Sally Hansen’s Hard As Nail applied to the thread wraps.  This is important since this fly will be bouncing along the stream bottom and the exposed thread wraps can take a beating.

head cement

Golden Stonefly Nymph Reciepe