Tying the CB Stocker Streamer Pattern

Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions ties up the CB Stocker, a simple streamer pattern that has stood the test of time.

About CB Stocker

A New Jersey native, Chally Bates cut his teeth on the South Branch Raritan River where he developed the CB Stocker at the age of 14. Some 60 years later, the fly is a staple in Shannon’s Fly & Tackle where Chally often hangs his hat tying flies for the shop.

CB Stocker Material List

Hook: Dai-Riki #700 (4X-long streamer hook), sizes 4-10
Body Thread: UTC Ultra Thread, White, 210 denier
Thread (head): UTC Ultra Thread, Black, 70 denier
Rib: Mylar tinsel, x-small (silver side out)
Wing: Marabou Blood Quill, White
Throat: Saddle hackle fibers, Red
Wingcase: Flashabou, Pearl


About the Author Ken Sperry

Ken is an avid fisherman of 40+ years who loves to explore and is on a quest to map the best places for fly fishing in America. He created the DIY Fly Fishing App to share this information and help you find new places to fish.