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[Video] Curtis Fry Spins Up A Lemon Lime Bugger

In a tribute to Dennis Brakke, Curtis Fry ties up Lemon Lime Bugger in this fly tying video tutorial. This pattern flat out puts fish in the net!

Ken Sperry

Posted by Ken Sperry

November 22, 2013

Curtis Fry spins up a Lemon Lime Bugger, in a tribute to Dennis Brakke.

I’ve followed Curtis for years when he was just publishing his fly tying videos on YouTube. I knew I liked him when he published what is possibly the best fly tying video of all time, Lego My Fly. It’s a must see.

I’m excited to see he, and buddy Clark Pierce now have their own fly tying website, Fly Fish Food. Great stuff being published there, so check’em out.

As for the Lemon Lime Bugger, here’s what you’ll need…

Lemon Lime Bugger Materials List

Hook: Allen S402 or TMC 52663 #8
Thread: UTC Ultra Thread 140, Chartreuse
Bead: Tungsten, 4 mm, Chartreuse
Under-body: Lead-free wire, 0.025
Tail: Arctic Fox, Chartreuse and Krystal Flash
Body: New Age Chenille, Lemon Lime
Hackle: Saddle Hackle, Lime or Green
Ribbing: UTC Ultra Wire, SM, Chartreuse