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[Video] Cutthroat Shimmer Fringe Surf Candy

Ken Sperry

Posted by Ken Sperry

January 17, 2014

Jay Nicholas of ties his Cutthroat Shimmer Fringe Surf Candy inspired by the Bob Popovics’ Surf Candy fly style.

Whereas Bob created his original Surf Candy to enhance the durability factor of flies he was fishing in the salt, Jay’s use of the fly style is principally intended to offer a very slim, transparent baitfish profile to West Coast species including Sea Run Cutthroat, Black Rockfish, and Coho salmon.

Cutthroat Shimmer Fringe Surf Candy Material List

Thread: Fine mono
Hook: #4 Mustad 3407
Upper Body: Hot Pink/Shell Pink Shimmer Fringe Minnow Back
Belly: Chartreuse Ice Dub Shimmer Fringe
Eyes: 5/32” Adhesive Holographic Super Pearl
Cure Goo: Hydro and Tack Free