The Baetis Are Coming, The Baetis Are Coming…

In this week’s fly tying video, Juan Ramirez takes us through tying his Glossy Back Baetis – one sweet looking fly.

Hip-Hip-Hooray for Baetis

Yes folks it is that time of the year when water temps are starting to edge up toward the 40F mark (at least in some parts of the world) and our little friends the Baetis mayflies will soon start their Spring emergence. A sign of life and hope for many fly fisherman suffering from a bad case of the shack nasties for sure.

Why We Like Baetis

Baetis are one of the most prolific genera of mayflies in North American trout streams and due to their small size produce up to three generations per year. Translation, there are lots of them, everywhere, for long periods of time. While they are a small meal, the fact that they are often present in large quantities mean trout like them. If trout like them, we like them.

Baetis Imitations

Baetis fly patterns can generally be categorized as deep nymphs, floating nymphs, emergers, cripples, duns, wet flies and spinners representing the various stages of the mayfly life cycle. Deep nymph patterns typically represent the immature Baetis nymph stage and tend to be lighter in color than most of the other stages like Juan’s Glossy Back Baetis pattern shown above.

More Baetis Fly Patterns to Come

In the coming weeks we’ll feature a fly tying video for each of the various Baetis imitations including deep nymphs, floating nymphs, emergers, cripples, duns, wet flies and spinners, and review when and how to fish them.


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