[Video] How to Tie Zonker Fly by Rich Strolis

To help grow our collection of fly tying videos we’ll be featuring a new fly tying video every Friday night. Why Friday night? Well, I figured if you are looking to do some tying this weekend it might be nice to a have a new pattern to try out. Right? It is also a good time for me to write as the kids are in bed and I don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn tomorrow!

Zonker Flies – Big Fish

This week’s pattern come to us from Rich Stolis who ties some meaty flies and has a reputation for catching big trout, especially at night. Big fish like a good meal and this Zonker fly pattern fits the bill. Rich meticulously takes us through constructing this highly effective inverted streamer pattern and includes a neat little trick to get those darn eyes to stay on right.

Enjoy tying a few of these this weekend and be sure to check out our Fly Tying Video Gallery if you need a few more ideas!

About the Author Ken Sperry

Ken is an avid fisherman of 40+ years who loves to explore and is on a quest to map the best places for fly fishing in America. He created DIY Fly Fishing and the DIY Fly Fishing App to share this information and help you find new places to fish. Have a question? You can get in touch with Ken here.