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[Video] Split Case PMD Nymph by Hans Stephenson

Ken Sperry

Posted by Ken Sperry

April 19, 2011

Hans Stephenson of Dakota Angler & Outfitter demonstrates how to tie a Split Case PMD Nymph. An excellent nymph from Solitude Fly that is great for imitating emerging mayfly nymphs. Tied as shown this fly imitates a Pale Morning Dun (PMD) nymph. Change the body color to a dark olive for a Blue-Winged Olive (BWO).

Material List

Hook: Daiichi 1710 or TMC 3761, Size 14-18
Tail: Coq de Leon Fibers
Ribbing: Ultra Wire, Ginger
Body: Nature’s Spirit Fine Natural Dubbing
Wingbuds: Goose Biots, Black
Wingcase: Razor Foam, Yellow
Legs: Coq de Leon Fibers