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[Video] Tying the Hopper Juan

Juan Ramirez shows us how to tie his signature Hopper Juan in this fly tying video tutorial.

Ken Sperry

Posted by Ken Sperry

August 6, 2010

Ah the sounds of summer time. Crickets, peepers, grasshoppers, big brown trout they make such lovely sounds. What? You don’t think big brown trout make lovely sounds? They do when they are jaw slapping the snot out of grass hoppers! In honor of this glorious time of the year, we feature the Juan Ramirez signature Hopper Juan in this fly tying video.

How to Tie the Hopper Juan

Well, I’d love to say it’s easy. Juan sure does make it look so. But for me, there’s a 3 beer minimum before I can get anything that involves foam, elk hair and super glue to look anything like a grass hopper. Juan does a great job showing you how to tie his hopper pattern, though, so maybe you’ll have better luck. And remember, patience Young Grasshopper, patience.

Hopper Juan Material List

Hook: 2XL such as TMC 5262 or MFC 7026 size 6-10
Thread: UTC 140 denier to match foam
Foam: 2mm foam, cut to shape with chernobyl taper cutter
Glue: Krazy glue with brush
Underwing: Montana Fly Company wing material, brown, cut with wing cutter
Wing: Nature’s Spirit early season cow elk
Flash: Krystal flash, pearl or U.V. pearl
Legs: Med. rubber legs, color to match body
High-Vis: Montana Fly Company Gator Hair

How to Fish the Hopper Juan

Blake Gallagher of Classic Journey Outfitters gives a few tips on how to fish the big foamies on the Missouri River, Clark Fork River and Blackfoot River. But that’s not the real reason I snuck this bonus video into this post. Watch where Blake stores his secret fly – which by the way, looks a lot like a Hopper Juan! Nice Blake.

Go forth Young Grasshopper and fear not the mighty Brown Trout!