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[Video] KF Midge Emerger by Juan Ramirez

Ken Sperry

Posted by Ken Sperry

February 5, 2010

Made famous on the San Juan River, Juan Ramirez shows us how to tie the KF Midge Emerger which works just about anywhere you find midges, which is just about everywhere.

Magical Krystal Flash

Ah the wonder of Krystal Flash, how did we get by without it? Remember that really cool video about the midge life cycle we featured a few weeks ago? You know the one with the phenomenal underwater camera work that showed how midge pupa generate gas bubbles to help carry them to the water surface when they are ready to emerge as an adult.

Can anyone guess what the Krystal Flash on this midge emerger represents (I know a lot of questions tonight)? Yes, you got it – a shiny, iridescent gas bubble! Such as smart crowd.

Well there’s not too much more to say about this great midge emerger pattern, other than tie a bunch up – they only take a few minutes, and get out there and give them a try before Spring arrives (wishful thinking as the storm of the century descends upon the Mid-Atlantic region here in the US and that darn ground hog high-tailed it back into his hole).

A Little About Juan Ramirez

Before I go, a few words about Juan. Haven’t met him, but he’s a Colorado fly fishing guide for Anglers Covey and fly tying instructor for both Ghillies Fly Shop and Anglers Covey. Anybody you guides and ties flies for a living is OK in my book. You can get in touch with Juan through his blog The Hopper Juan.

Happy Tying!

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