Salmon River – Where to Fish

Prior to making my first trip to the Salmon River in Pulaski, NY to fish for steelhead I asked myself the obvious question - where to fish? Access points to fish the Salmon River are well documented and no secret so I took what I learned and put together the above Google map to help me find my way and figured you'd find it useful too.

Salmon River Map

If you frequent this website you probably know I love digital maps. Digital maps are a great way to scout new fishing locations even if they are well known fisheries like the famous Salmon River. Using the 'Satellite' and 'Terrain' allow you to view satellite imagery and USGS style topo-maps of the area and to zoom in to see amazing detail, including places to park and trails to the river.

The Salmon River fishing access points on the map were provided courtesy of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). The DEC provides the GPS coordinates for all DEC designated parking areas for all trout streams in New York state via the DEC Mapping Gateway, which is a phenomenal resources for us map junkies.

map of fishing access spots on the Salmon River  in New York

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Salmon River Fishing Access Areas

The lower Salmon River consists of ~ 13 miles of world famous salmon, steelhead and brown trout water stemming from the Lower Reservoir to Lake Ontario.

The upper reaches, from Lower Reservoir to Altmar contain two fly fishing only sections each with a DEC designated parking area. Special fishing regulations apply in these fly fishing only sections.

Below Altmar to Pulaski are numerous DEC parking areas and public access points to the Salmon River. This reach of the river is open to all approved forms of fishing including spin fishing, center pin and fly fishing and is heavily pressured, especially during the height of the Salmon Season from early September to mid-October.

Below Pulaski is the Douglaston Salmon Run (DSR), a private 2.5 mile stretch of some of the best salmon and steelhead water on the river. The daily rod fee to fish the DSR is $45 (at the time of this writing), and from what I understand, well worth it.

Below the DSR is the Salmon River Estuary which is essentially a stillwater fishery and best fished by boat.

So now that you know where to go fishing on the Salmon River - go and enjoy!

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