Ohio Fly Fishing Guide

​When you think of this flat, Midwestern state, you may think of Cedar Point, boring tollway drives, and particularly harsh state police who like to ticket speeders. But the Buckeye state is so much more than that. With approximately 50,000 lakes (2200 of which are greater than five acres in size) and nearly 60 rivers and creeks, Ohio boasts plenty of watersport, including fly fishing.

One thing that makes the state attractive to anglers is the fact that the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) stocks some of the state’s rivers with non-native trout species like rainbow, brown, and steelhead. This, along with the plentiful bodies of water, makes Ohio a place worth adding to your fishing bucket list.

Ohio Fishing Map

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Black River (OH): 41.464688, -82.165734
Chagrin River (OH): 41.677119, -81.437258
USGS Gauge - Chagrin River at Willoughby OH: 41.630881, -81.403445
Chagrin River (Eastlake Seawall): 41.674737, -81.440698
Chagrin River (Borac's Landing Boat Ramp): 41.665979, -81.422950
Chagrin River (Mitchell Field): 41.661995, -81.422165
Chagrin River (Chagrin River Park): 41.658670, -81.410100
Chagrin River (Gilson Park): 41.649506, -81.407421
Chagrin River (Todd Field): 41.641542, -81.403652
Chagrin River (Daniels Park): 41.628406, -81.400182
Chagrin River (N. Chagrin Reservation): 41.583224, -81.401445
Chagrin River (Rogers Road Field): 41.569557, -81.415172
Conneaut Creek (OH): 41.972512, -80.549560
Conneaut Creek (Lakeville Park Access): 41.893737, -80.574170
Conneaut Creek (Carter Rd Bridge Access): 41.870008, -80.401821
Conneaut Creek (Bridge Access): 41.890732, -80.400929
Conneaut Creek (Gage Road Access): 41.900315, -80.375443
Conneaut Creek (Griffy Road Bridge Access): 41.917513, -80.469075
Conneaut Creek (Rt 6N Bridge Access): 41.916902, -80.452689
Conneaut Creek (Mckee Road South Access): 41.919635, -80.430355
Conneaut Creek (Mckee Road North Access): 41.920554, -80.430480
Conneaut Creek (Rt 215 Bridge Access): 41.920204, -80.398485
Conneaut Creek (Old Bridge Abutment Access): 41.901268, -80.380119
Conneaut Creek (Breakwall): 41.967245, -80.554971
Conneaut Creek (Harbor): 41.970090, -80.551369
Conneaut Creek (Woodworth Road Boat Ramp): 41.952856, -80.542835
USGS Gauge - Conneaut Creek at Conneaut OH: 41.926944, -80.604167
Rocky River (OH): 41.490138, -81.836897
Rocky River (Lagoon Dam): 41.402561, -81.883992
Rocky River (Cedar Point Area): 41.407087, -81.885956
Rocky River (Morley Ford): 41.459249, -81.822230
Rocky River (Brookpark Overpass): 41.417378, -81.857337
Rocky River (Mastic Picnic Access): 41.432877, -81.848846
Rocky River (Mastic Woods): 41.442988, -81.841123
Rocky River (Blue Bank Pools): 41.443117, -81.829141
Rocky River (Lorain Rd Bridge): 41.452893, -81.824387
Rocky River (Horse Ford): 41.464230, -81.818642
Rocky River (Access): 41.476920, -81.823794
Rocky River (Rock Cliff Spring & Pool): 41.468659, -81.824580
Rocky River (Madison Pool): 41.465670, -81.827760
Rocky River (Emerald Necklace Access): 41.477718, -81.832011
USGS Gauge - Rocky River near Berea OH: 41.406715, -81.887082
Vermilion River (OH): 41.424450, -82.364845
Vermilion Municipal Boat Launch: 41.420143, -82.356567
Vermilion River (Jerusalem Road Access): 41.402325, -82.326515
Vermilion River (Mill Hollow Bacon Woods Park): 41.380497, -82.320000
Vermilion River (Bacon Woods Access): 41.390953, -82.330956
Vermilion River (Peasley Road Access): 41.361187, -82.310860
Vermilion River (Gore Orphanage Road Access): 41.360195, -82.334206
Vermilion River (Schoefle Garden Access): 41.330662, -82.350563
Vermilion River (Wakeman Dam Access): 41.254848, -82.399857
USGS Gauge - Vermilion River near Vermilion OH: 41.381990, -82.316827
Grand River (OH): 41.719361, -81.228528
Grand River (Mentor Headlands & Breakwall): 41.760390, -81.281791
Grand River (Fairport Harbor Park): 41.758164, -81.275682
Grand River (Painesville City Park & Old Dam): 41.730981, -81.236151
Grand River (Helen Hazen Wyman Park): 41.704904, -81.231036
Grand River (Mason's Landing): 41.726739, -81.185049
Grand River (Indian Point Park): 41.719945, -81.175636
Grand River (Hidden Valley Park): 41.741159, -81.049002
Grand River (Riverview Park): 41.740686, -81.041453
Grand River (Hogsback Ridge Park): 41.744071, -81.030810
Grand River (Harpersfield Dam): 41.756944, -80.943868
USGS Gauge - Grand River near Painesville OH: 41.718934, -81.227879
Ashtablua River (Walnut Beach Breakwall): 41.900924, -80.806789
Ashtabula River (Cedarquist Park): 41.874941, -80.782573
Ashtabula River (Indian Trails Park): 41.855630, -80.762070
Ashtabula River (Olins Bridge): 41.862710, -80.721110
Ashtabula River (Green Hills Rd): 41.852620, -80.727430
Ashtabula River (Benetka Rd): 41.848790, -80.689380
Ashtabula River (Root Road): 41.833330, -80.620020
Huron River (Ohio): 41.394130, -82.554610
Huron River (Rt. 6 Access): 41.390360, -82.552630
Huron River (Valley Resort): 41.355710, -82.557200
Huron River (Private Access): 41.336910, -82.579250
Huron River (Coupling Reserve): 41.324280, -82.588500
Huron River West Branch (Milan Area): 41.286730, -82.642900
Huron River West Branch (Hwy 16): 41.245890, -82.690830
Huron River West Branch (Frank Clark Park): 41.241810, -82.692510
Mahoning River at Alliance OH: 40.932836, -81.094541
Mahoning River bl Berlin Dam nr Berlin Center OH: 41.048391, -81.001203
Mahoning River at Pricetown OH: 41.131446, -80.971202
West Branch Mahoning River near Ravenna OH: 41.161445, -81.197045
West Branch Mahoning River at Wayland OH: 41.157001, -81.071762
Eagle Creek at Phalanx Station OH: 41.261167, -80.954257
Mahoning River at Leavittsburg OH: 41.239223, -80.880642
Mosquito Creek near Greene Center OH: 41.483056, -80.746111
Mosquito Creek bl Mosquito Ck Dam nr Cortland OH: 41.299779, -80.758414
Mahoning River below West Ave at Youngstown OH: 41.105058, -80.662576
Crab Creek at Youngstown OH: 41.111725, -80.635352
Mahoning River at Lowellville OH: 41.036726, -80.536182
Pymatuning Creek at Kinsman OH: 41.442832, -80.588130
Little Beaver Creek near East Liverpool OH: 40.675897, -80.540624
Yellow Creek near Hammondsville OH: 40.537842, -80.725078
OHIO R AT NEW CUMBERLAND LOCK & DAM (UPPER), OH: 40.528399, -80.626740
OHIO R AT NEW CUMBERLAND LOCK & DAM (LOWER), OH: 40.528121, -80.625629
Short Creek near Dillonvale OH: 40.193404, -80.734248
Wheeling Creek below Blaine OH: 40.067016, -80.808420
WHEELING CREEK AT ELM GROVE, WV: 40.044518, -80.660912
Captina Creek at S.R. 148 at Armstrongs Mills OH: 39.906740, -80.935929
Ohio River above Sardis, OH: 39.630278, -80.874722
Little Muskingum River at Bloomfield OH: 39.563129, -81.203724
East Fork Duck Creek near Harrietsville OH: 39.612883, -81.371975
West Fork Duck Creek at Macksburg OH: 39.631606, -81.460833
Duck Creek below Whipple OH: 39.508889, -81.423056
Chippewa Creek at Miller Rd at Sterling OH: 40.966389, -81.850556
Tuscarawas River at Massillon OH: 40.770336, -81.524010
Sandy Creek at Waynesburg OH: 40.672561, -81.259831
Middle Branch Nimishillen Creek at Canton OH: 40.841447, -81.353723
East Branch Nimishillen Creek at Louisville OH: 40.842500, -81.259444
E Branch Nimishillen Crk at Trump Ave nr Canton OH: 40.811944, -81.323056
West Branch Nimishillen Creek at North Canton OH: 40.868056, -81.384444
Zimber Ditch at North Canton OH: 40.870278, -81.416389
W Br Nimishillen Crk at Tuscarawas St at Canton OH: 40.800833, -81.390833
Nimishillen Creek at North Industry OH: 40.749722, -81.369444
McGuire Creek above Leesville Lake OH: 40.461667, -81.125556
North Fork McGuire Creek near Carrollton OH: 40.513333, -81.112778
Bear Hole Run near Carrollton OH: 40.528889, -81.136944
McGuire Creek near Leesville OH: 40.470343, -81.196493
Indian Fork at Dellroy OH: 40.553611, -81.184722
Willow Run near Dellroy OH: 40.578056, -81.192778
Unnamed Tributary near Dellroy OH: 40.568056, -81.257222
Indian Fork bl Atwood Dam near New Cumberland OH: 40.525342, -81.288164
Huff Run at Mineral City OH: 40.597285, -81.359001
Tuscarawas River below Dover Dam near Dover OH: 40.529786, -81.429837
Sugar Creek bl Beach City Dam near Beach City OH: 40.635617, -81.552899
Sugar Creek at Strasburg OH: 40.587562, -81.523175
Tuscarawas River at New Philadelphia OH: 40.480898, -81.448171
Stillwater Creek above Piedmont Lake OH: 40.084167, -81.127222
Boggs Fork at Piedmont OH: 40.194512, -81.209551
Stillwater Creek at Piedmont OH: 40.194790, -81.215384
Brushy Fork above Clendening Lake OH: 40.247778, -81.148333
Brushy Fork near Tippecanoe OH: 40.266111, -81.284167
Stillwater Creek at Tippecanoe OH: 40.270345, -81.290387
Stillwater Creek at Uhrichsville OH: 40.386177, -81.347055
Clear Fork above Tappan Lake OH: 40.338611, -81.113889
Standingstone Fork above Tappan Lake OH: 40.311667, -81.115278
Beaverdam Run above Tappan Lake OH: 40.346944, -81.126667
Little Stillwater Creek bl Tappan Dam at Tappan OH: 40.357011, -81.230106
Tuscarawas River at Newcomerstown OH: 40.261459, -81.609010
Black Fork Mohican River at Shelby OH: 40.881111, -82.659722
Black Fork below Charles Mill Dam near Mifflin OH: 40.737835, -82.363219
Black Fork at Loudonville OH: 40.635894, -82.239326
Clear Fork Mohican River at Bellville OH: 40.623333, -82.511111
Clear Fork bl Pleasant Hill Dam nr Perrysville OH: 40.620338, -82.324328
Lake Fork bl Mohicanville Dam near Mohicanville OH: 40.723392, -82.154877
Kokosing River at Mount Vernon OH: 40.405618, -82.499885
Walhonding River below Mohawk Dam at Nellie OH: 40.341457, -82.065421
Little Killbuck Creek near Burbank OH: 40.995000, -82.020278
Killbuck Creek at Killbuck OH: 40.481454, -81.985979
Walhonding River below Randle OH: 40.309236, -81.906801
Mill Creek near Coshocton OH: 40.362846, -81.862356
Muskingum River near Coshocton OH: 40.248405, -81.872909
Seneca Fork above Senecaville Lake OH: 39.863889, -81.320833
South Fork above Senecaville Lake OH: 39.852778, -81.328611
Beaver Creek above Senecaville Lake OH: 39.901389, -81.319444
Seneca Fork bl Senecaville Dam near Senecaville OH: 39.924516, -81.437897
Wills Creek at Derwent OH: 39.919239, -81.531233
Leatherwood Creek near Kipling OH: 39.990072, -81.495676
Wills Creek at Cambridge OH: 40.014516, -81.587067
Wills Creek bl Wills Creek Dam at Wills Creek OH: 40.159516, -81.847353
Wakatomika Creek near Frazeysburg OH: 40.132568, -82.147920
Muskingum River at Dresden OH: 40.120347, -81.999580
South Fork Licking River at Kirkersville OH: 39.963611, -82.598611
South Fork Licking River near Buckeye Lake OH: 39.944167, -82.491389
South Fork Licking River near Hebron OH: 39.988675, -82.474878
South Fork Licking River at Heath OH: 40.037500, -82.413333
Raccoon Creek near Granville OH: 40.068889, -82.551667
Raccoon Cr. bl. Wilson Street at Newark OH: 40.052500, -82.411389
North Fork Licking River at Utica OH: 40.229787, -82.454881
North Fork Licking River at Newark OH: 40.087222, -82.410833
N. Fk. Licking River at E. Main St. at Newark OH: 40.059444, -82.396389
North Fork Licking River at Ohio Street, Newark OH: 40.053889, -82.392222
Licking River near Newark OH: 40.059232, -82.339595
Licking River bl Dillon Dam near Dillon Falls OH: 39.988400, -82.080417
Muskingum River at Zanesville OH-USGS 03148000: 39.938956, -82.012359
Salt Creek near Chandlersville OH: 39.908681, -81.860411
Muskingum River at McConnelsville OH: 39.645071, -81.849858
Muskingum River at Beverly OH: 39.545073, -81.640407
OHIO RIVER AT MARIETTA, OH: 39.409519, -81.457621
Clear Creek near Rockbridge OH: 39.588398, -82.578495
Hocking River at Enterprise OH: 39.565066, -82.474601
Monday Creek at Doanville OH: 39.435348, -82.191537
Sunday Creek near Burr Oak OH: 39.525070, -82.070978
Sunday Creek at Glouster OH: 39.500904, -82.085145
Sunday Creek below Millfield OH: 39.429794, -82.100978
Hocking River at Athens OH: 39.328962, -82.087644
Shade River near Chester OH: 39.063689, -81.881802
Raccoon Creek near Bolins Mills OH: 39.230556, -82.285833
Little Raccoon Creek near Ewington OH: 39.010630, -82.452102
Raccoon Creek at Adamsville OH: 38.873611, -82.355833
Symmes Creek at Aid OH: 38.596191, -82.495157
OHIO RIVER AT IRONTON, OH: 38.532056, -82.685944
OHIO RIVER AT PORTSMOUTH, OH: 38.728938, -82.972979
Scioto River at La Rue OH: 40.571944, -83.384167
Scioto River near Prospect OH: 40.419504, -83.197137
Mill Creek near Bellepoint OH: 40.248395, -83.173803
Scioto R. at O'Shaughnessy Dam near Dublin OH: 40.153118, -83.126300
Scioto River below O'Shaughnessy Dam nr Dublin OH: 40.143396, -83.120466
Scioto River at 5th Ave at Columbus OH: 39.989167, -83.067778
Olentangy River at Claridon OH: 40.582837, -82.988797
Whetstone Creek at Mt Gilead OH: 40.548949, -82.821290
Olentangy River near Delaware OH: 40.355061, -83.067132
Olentangy River near Worthington OH: 40.110341, -83.031852
Olentangy River at J H Herrick Dr at Columbus OH: 39.997778, -83.023611
Scioto River at Columbus OH: 39.909508, -83.009072
Scioto River above Shadeville OH: 39.839722, -83.009444
Big Walnut Creek at Sunbury OH: 40.236174, -82.851289
Big Walnut Creek at Central College OH: 40.103675, -82.884068
Alum Creek near Kilbourne OH: 40.356728, -82.921570
Alum Creek at Africa OH: 40.182285, -82.961571
Alum Creek at Columbus OH: 39.945064, -82.941014
Big Walnut Creek at Rees OH: 39.856730, -82.957126
Scioto River near Commercial Point OH: 39.774230, -83.007683
Walnut Creek at Ashville OH: 39.710896, -82.962959
Little Darby Creek at West Jefferson OH: 39.951173, -83.269360
Hellbranch Run near Harrisburg OH: 39.847833, -83.157333
Big Darby Creek at Darbyville OH: 39.700618, -83.110187
Scioto River at Circleville OH: 39.601451, -82.955180
Deer Creek at Mount Sterling OH: 39.715061, -83.257137
Deer Creek near Pancoastburg OH: 39.620617, -83.212968
Deer Creek at Williamsport OH: 39.585895, -83.122687
Scioto River at Chillicothe OH: 39.341453, -82.971013
Paint Creek near Greenfield OH: 39.379230, -83.375471
Rattlesnake Creek at Centerfield OH: 39.328953, -83.475473
Paint Creek near Bainbridge OH: 39.252287, -83.349358
Rocky Fork near Barretts Mills OH: 39.218399, -83.385470
Paint Creek near Bourneville OH: 39.263676, -83.166852
Paint Creek at Chillicothe OH: 39.320342, -82.978235
Scioto River at Higby OH: 39.212289, -82.863785
Scioto River at Piketon OH: 39.070070, -83.019622
Upper Twin Creek at McGaw OH: 38.643687, -83.215736
Ohio Brush Creek near West Union OH: 38.803684, -83.421023
OHIO RIVER AT MAYSVILLE, KY: 38.648685, -83.763532
White Oak Creek above Georgetown OH: 38.919722, -83.928333
Little Miami River near Oldtown OH: 39.748393, -83.931320
Massies Creek at Wilberforce OH: 39.722389, -83.882306
Little Miami River near Spring Valley OH: 39.583394, -84.030211
Caesar Creek near Wellman OH: 39.482561, -84.064378
O'Bannon Creek near Loveland OH: 39.264781, -84.232714
Little Miami River at Milford OH: 39.171449, -84.297993
East Fork Little Miami River at Williamsburg OH: 39.052565, -84.050489
E Fk Little Miami River bl Harsha Dam nr Bantam OH: 39.023953, -84.149935
East Fork Little Miami River at Perintown OH: 39.137005, -84.237992
OHIO RIVER AT CINCINNATI, OH: 39.094504, -84.510498
Mill Creek at Kemper Road at Sharonville OH: 39.284502, -84.432720
Mill Creek at East Sharon Rd at Sharonville OH: 39.269444, -84.431944
Sharon Creek at Sharonville OH: 39.273391, -84.411052

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​Best Places to Fish in Ohio

Rivers abound in the state known for its bland, flat landscape, offering little nuggets of treasure for fishing enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Because trout is the most commonly sought fish for Ohio fly fishing, these are stocked each spring and fall, however there are also opportunities to fly fish bass, muskie, carp, and more. With several fly fishing organizations throughout the state, the sport is alive and well among its loyal proponents. Let’s take a look at some of the best Buckeye waters for engaging in the popular sport.

The Mad River

This sixty-mile long spring creek runs from near Bellefontaine all the way to Dayton. It’s a tall order to find native trout in Ohio, and this is one of the rare waters that contains them, in the form of brook trout. The waters are also stocked by the Division of Wildlife with six- to eight-inch brown trout. The clear waters can present a challenge when they’re low, as can the overhanging brush and limbs. For the best chance at brown trout, go for the undercut banks. There are some great riffles and pools, if you’re game to try these out. While access points aren’t overabundant, you can find the best options along roads #36, 55, and 29/296. For native brook trout, you’ll have your best luck at the headwaters. While you may have to have some patience to catch harvestable fish, the Mad River – Ohio’s largest cold-water fishery – is worth checking out.

Clear Fork River

This area is a branch of the Mohican River, and is one of the few Ohio rivers that maintains year-round temperatures suitable to host a trout population. While the Upper Clear Fork is predominantly private property, the Lower Clear Fork between Pleasant Hill Dam and State Route 3 is a popular public fishing destination. Aside from brown trout, you may also encounter carp, bass, bluegill, and once in a blue moon a muskie. Take advantage of the hatches if possible – sulfurs between Mother’s and Father’s Day, Light Cahill from mid-June to mid-July, and Caddis and Midges nearly year-round. On an interesting trivia note, the Clear Fork River also contains gold – but hold up! You’ll need to hold membership with the Gold Prospectors Association of America to try your “fishing” luck for the shiny stuff.

Little Miami River

The Little Miami River, an Ohio River tributary, meanders throughout 111 miles and five counties in southwest Ohio, joining up with the Ohio River to the east of Cincinnati. Since the LMR is a warm water habitat it is not conducive to maintaining a trout population. But what it does offer are smallmouth and largemouth bass, sauger, white bass, walleye, and rock bass. One of the most exciting aspects of fly fishing in the LMR is that with 80 fish species roaming the waters, you might be surprised by what comes up on the other end of your line. You might even find the occasional unsuspecting mussel or muskie. Striped bass also pop up from time to time, and can reach 10-15 pounds.

Conneaut Creek

This stretch of waters that runs from Conneaut, OH into Dickonsburg, Pennsylvania is known as the Steelhead Capital of the World. If that isn’t enticing enough, then we don’t know what is! Not only is the stream home to an abundance of steelhead, it also houses 78 other species of fish including bass, northern pike, and walleye. A 21-mile stretch of this gorgeous natural gem was designated as a State Wild and Scenic River by the state of Ohio, in 2005. The catch? Unfortunately there is one. Public fishing areas of Conneaut are somewhat limited, with the best bets being the Lakeville Park Access and the Conneaut Harbor. If you’re feeling bold, knock on some farm doors and see if you can get permission to fish some private areas of the famous creek.

Apple Creek

This tiny little gem is located a couple of miles outside of Wooster, and is great for those anglers who just can’t bring themselves to eat their prey – it’s all catch and release in this popular little spot. But at least you can keep in practice year-round as you enjoy the plentiful trout fishing on the banks of the beautiful, pebble-bottomed creek. Even though you can’t put your trophy catch on a plate with a tasty sauce, you can still enjoy some outdoors time with the kids, and teach them how to be gentle with the little creatures when your goal is to get them safely back into the water so they can grow bigger.

​Best Time to Fish in Ohio

On the popular Mad River, spring is the best bet. Summer causes the water to get warm and low, making successful fly fishing a challenge. Fall through December can be lucrative for Mad River brown trout. At Conneaut Creek and other steelhead mainstays throughout the state, the steelhead start coming into full swing in late October and are typically plentiful through April. Spring, early summer, and December as well are all excellent choices for fly fishing at Conneaut Creek. At the Clear Fork River, October offers the rewards of the annual brown trout stocking.

Keep an eye on hatching schedules as well, even if you aren’t going to use the real thing. Black Stoneflies are in late February and March. Green Sedges start in April and hatch through June, while May produces small hatches of March Browns. Brown Drakes come in the first half of June, along with Cahills, though these are not very prolific.

​What You Will Need When You Get There?

As for the basics, you will want waders, wading boots, a rain jacket, a wide-brimmed hat (to keep your head dry, prevent sunburn and protect your eyes), insect repellant, a pack to carry smaller items, medical supplies, binoculars, a camera, and a flashlight.

Your rod and reel rig will, of course, depend upon what fish you’re going for. With the great steelhead fly fishing in Ohio, you might want a 10’ 7 weight, or an 8 weight if you think the extra heft won’t become tiresome swinging the rod around all day. A larger arbor reel is a good choice for steelhead because it will result in faster line pickup and fewer kinks. As for your line, you want it to be fairly closely matched to your rod weight.

If trout is your primary target, you’ll want a shorter, lighter rod and reel setup. A 9’ 5 weight is an all-around great all-purpose trout rod that’s ideal for those who aren’t sure what they need, although for trout you can go as low as a 3 weight or as high as a 6 weight, depending upon the specific location and situation in which you’ll be angling.

Appropriate flies also vary. For example, dry flies tend to bring good results with the trout in the Mad River. Winter fly fishing could require size 18-20 nymphs, or 20-22 midges. Streamers have been known to bring in a surprise fish or two in the Little Miami River, with nymphs and streamers being a good choice for casting under heavy cover. Bass is still fairly obscure prey when it comes to fly angling, but if you’re game, you can try aquatic insect or minnow shapes.

Ohio Fishing Regulations

It’s one of the dreariest parts of the sporting process, for sure, but you must obtain a fishing license from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources’ Division of Wildlife. Residents and non-residents ages 16 and older are required to carry a license with them while engaging in the sport (the license may be displayed on mobile). There are a few exceptions – May 7 and 8, 2016 are free fishing days in Ohio, and those over age 65 or residents fishing on private property are exempted from the requirement. Non-residents can choose from a one-day, three-day, or annual Ohio fishing license.

Be sure to check the specifics of the area you’re fishing to make sure you’re clear on whether it’s catch and release, and make sure you adhere to the statewide limits. Trout and bass currently carry a five per day limit, with the harvestable bass size set at 12 inches. Steelhead, on the other hand, has no daily limit and no size limit.

Ohio may seem like the land of grass, farms, and the occasional urban environment, but the state harbors a wide range of peaceful, pristine havens for fly fishermen looking for a healthy challenge doled out by Mother Nature herself.

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