[Video] Killer Fly Patterns

We’ve added some killer fly patterns to our growing collection of fly tying videos including this Rubber Leg Stonefly by Aaron Jasper of Trout Predator Online.

East vs. West

Traditionally thought of as a Western style fly, this simple fly pattern is equally effective on streams in the Eastern US and turned my day around a few weeks ago while fishing the Housatonic River in Connecticut. After getting skunked all morning I knew I was onto something when I took 5 fish in 6 casts and 8 trout (both rainbow and brown trout) in about twenty minutes with this stonefly imitation.

What’s Your Favorite Color?

Tied very sparsely with only two pair of legs, the Rubber Leg Stonefly is surprising lively in the water and drives the trout nuts. Shown here tied with brown chenille, the pattern also works great in orange-yellow, yellow-brown and green (my favorite) chenille. Best of all, this pattern is real easy and quick to tie.

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Visit our fly tying video gallery for more killer fly patterns that just might help you turn around a tough day on the water.

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