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Bob Jacklin’s Madison River Monster Brown Trout

Ken Sperry

Posted by Ken Sperry

February 4, 2010

Bob Jacklin landing a 10 lb 32” monster brown trout while fly fishing the Madison River near West Yellowstone, MT. Can you imagine?

Why We Fly Fish

Is it the ever so slim chance of catching a phenomenal trophy brown trout on a size 14 nymph like Bob Jacklin’s fish of a lifetime or it is something more? Most people I know don’t get fly fishing and can’t understand why I stand in a river for hours waving a stick only to come home empty handed. If you are reading this, you understand.

Nothing Gold Can Stay

Bob didn’t go home empty handed. He retired that old general he eased into his net and rightfully so. I don’t know how old that crimson and gold beauty was but I doubt he was long for the world and a fish like that only comes around once.

Listening to “If You Ever Get Famous” by The Duke and The King on the ride home tonight reminded me to not get too caught up in life and take time to enjoy its’ simple pleasures, like wetting a line on a fine trout stream with the hopes of catching that fish of a lifetime.

Fly Fishing Madison River

As part of our continued coverage of fly fishing in America’s national parks we’ll be taking an in-depth look at fly fishing the Madison River and the bounty of rivers in southern Montana and Yellowstone National Park.

Stay tuned…