[Video] Tying A Muskrat Midge

Bucky McCormick of Blue Ribbon Flies demonstrates how to tie a Muskrat midge in this fly tying video tutorial.

Imitating Midge Pupa

Trout taking pupae do so in the surface film but usually key on impaired-emerging adults, those individuals stuck in their pupal shucks and unable to escape. Patterns incorporating a trailing shuck, such as the Muskrat Midge, are effective as trout key on and recognize the shucks and readily take these flies.

Muskrat Midge Material List

Hook: Dai-Riki 075
Bead: Lucent Tungsten Bead, Light Purple, 1/16″ (1.5 mm)
Thread/Body: Uni-Thread 8/0, Iron Grey
Thorax: Muskrat, Natural
Wing:Zelon, White
Tail: Midge Flash, Pearl
Ribbing: Danville Fine Wire, Silver


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