[Video] Soft Hackle Technique by Hans Stephenson

Hans Stephenson of Dakota Angler & Outfitter demonstrates how to tie a soft hackle fly pattern. Soft hackles have been around for hundreds of years and for good reason, they are very effective. Many soft hackle patterns are very simple to tie and can imitate a variety of insects including most mayflies and caddis. As Hans mentions you can add a soft hackle to many of the nymph patterns you typically fish to give your favorite fly a little more life in the water. One of my favorites is a soft hackle Hare’s Ear nymph. Fished down and across on the swing, soft hackles are also a lot of fun and a very relaxing way to fish.

Material List

Hook: Tiemco 3769 size 12-16
Abdomen: Midge Diamond Braid
Thorax: Nature’s Spirit Emergence Dubbing, brown
Hackle: Whiting Brahma Hen


About the Author Ken Sperry

Ken is an avid fisherman of 40+ years who loves to explore and find new places to fish. He created DIY Fly Fishing to help you do the same.

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hansrcsd says

I fish these on the swing just below the surface, but you could easily add a tungsten bead or lead wire if you wanted to fish them a bit deeper.

prokhk says

do you ever put lead wire or a bead head to make it sink?

teb0atoz says

First time I have seen someone do a soft hackle the right way. Though only 1 to 1.5 wraps. But it is very goood.

nikrguy says

Good instruction! Thank you.