How-to Tie a Davy Knot

Davy Knot??

In my last post about rigging a Czech nymphing setup the Davy Knot was mentioned a few times and few folks asked the obvious question – what’s a Davy Knot?

Field Tested and Super Strong

This knot was developed by fishing legend Davy Wotton , featured in his DVD Wet Fly Ways, and is a great alternative to the improved clinch knot for attaching flies to the tippet. It is also great for stepping down line sizes when building leaders as it is a very small knot that passes through guides well. It is a really simple but very strong knot (rated at full line strength). I’ve been using if for over 5 years now and have not had one fail.

Never Tie A Clinch Knot (again)

Practice the Davy Knot a few times at home and then give it a try the next time you go out. If you do, you’ll never tie an improved clinch knot again – guaranteed!

Go get em!

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