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[Video] How to Make a Furled Leader

Ken Sperry

Posted by Ken Sperry

May 18, 2010

I’ve always been curious about furled leaders but have not tried making them so when I found this week’s Fly Fishing Tip on making furled leaders I was pretty psyched.

Advantages of Furled Leaders

So why bother making furled leaders? I asked the same question of some friends in one of the forums I belong to and here is what one had to say,

“Zero memory, they turn over much better then tapered leaders, they’re cheap and fun to tie. I use 6 lb. test cheap Trilene for fresh water use, it takes about 22 feet to make a 5 foot leader then I add 4x tippet with a loop to loop connection and then 5x with a triple surgeons knot to finish the deal for a total of 10 feet. For salt water fishing I use 17 lb test for the furled leader and add 16 lb test fluorocarbon as a tippet.”

If you have experience (good, bad or otherwise) making and/or fishing furled leaders, share your experience with our readers by leaving us a comment below.