[Video] Hair Stackers, Scissors and Prepping Bulk Fly Tying Materials

Jay Nicholas of Caddis Fly Shop provides some handy tips on how to use hair stackers, different types of fly tying scissors and how to prepare bulk fly tying materials in this fly tying video tutorial.


About the Author Ken Sperry

Ken is an avid fisherman of 40+ years who loves to explore and find new places to fish. He created DIY Fly Fishing to help you do the same.

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yourmotherFer says

@flytyer232 ebay magnet wire.

flytyer232 says

great video, maybe you guys could do a video on how to organize/clean your tying desk? You can’t even see the outline of the desk; just all covered with feather, flies; and a bunch of other stuff.
Where in the world did you guys find that big spool of copper wire?