Huron River Ohio

Huron River (Ohio) Steelhead Fishing Map

Huron River is tributary of Lake Erie that receives a spring run of stray Little Manistee steelhead. The 14-mile long main branch of the Huron River begins at the confluence of the East Branch Huron and West Branch Huron rivers just west of Milan, Ohio.

When is the Best Time to Fish the Huron River for Steelhead

Steelhead fishing in the Ohio's Huron River is best in the Spring. The Huron River fishes best when the river is flowing between 150-250 cfs. The Huron River responds quickly to rain events and typically takes 2 to 3 days to clear and return to normal flow levels following a rain event.

Huron River (Ohio) Steelhead Fishing Map

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Huron River Flow Chart

The USGS Huron River stream gauge in Milan, Ohio provides real-time stream flow data and is useful in determining when to fish the Huron River for steelhead.


Ideal Flow (cfs)


Average Run-Off Time

2-3 days

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