Farmington River Fly Fishing Guide & Map

A tailwater fishery issuing from Goodwin Dam, the Farmington River runs for more than 22 miles through historic and scenic Connecticut countryside. Stable flows support an excellent population of holdover browns and rainbows. Two specially regulated Trout Management Areas (TMAs) are located in this section

Map of Farmington River Trout Management Areas

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Farmington River Upper Trout Management Area

The Upper TMA is a 3.5-mile reach beginning approximately one mile above the Route 318 Bridge extending down stream to the Route 219 Bridge in New Hartford. Year round catch-and-release regulations apply and only barbless hooks are permitted. This is a very popular destination for fly fisherman because trout rise 365 days a year. Classic pools abound in the Upper TMA with long deep sections that harbor large trout. Brown trout larger than 20 inches are not uncommon in this reach.

Farmington River Lower Trout Management Area

The Lower TMA begins below the Rt 219 bridge and extends 12.75-miles down river to the Rt 177 Bridge. Fishing here is catch-and-release from September 1 to the third Saturday in April (opening day in CT). A two fish creel limit applies from Opening Day through August 31st. The Farmington in the Lower TMA is more rugged than the Upper TMA and is characterized by large boulders and deep pools that hold some large trout.

Farmington River Fly Fishing Report

Farmington River Fishing Report by UpCountry Sportfishing

Farmington River Flow Conditions

USGS Water-data graph
USGS Water-data graph

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Additional Information

The Farmington River Anglers Association (FRAA) maintains a hotline (860) 738-7277 that provides hatch information and stream conditions.

Visit our DIY Guide to Fly Fishing in Connecticut for more information on trout fishing in Connecticut.

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