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Top 5 Best Fly Fishing Sling Pack: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

Ken Sperry

Posted by Ken Sperry

September 13, 2021

best fly fishing sling pack

The best fly fishing sling pack provides easy access to your tools when you are out on the water. Because the market offers many different styles and designs to choose from, it can be a bit challenging to find one that will work for you.

To help you out, we picked out five of the best sling packs perfect for fly fishing.

Best Fly Fishing Sling Pack Reviews

1. Piscifun Tackle Bag

The Piscifun Tackle Bag is suitable for those who love changing fishing spots. It was clearly designed with outdoor enthusiasts in mind, as Piscifun did a few enhancements to make it more functional and durable.

Depending on your needs, you can choose from two different sizing options: large (14.96″ x 10.24″ x 4.33″) and standard (11.8″ x 8.3″ x 3.9″). Plus, it is available in six color choices to match your style.

Product Highlights

Now that you’re aware of the upgrades, let’s take a closer look at what features the Piscifun Tackle Bag has to offer.

  • Quality Fabric, Zippers, and Buckles

The Piscifun Tackle Bag boasts a 1000-D high-density nylon fabric construction that is 100% water-resistant. Aside from that, you will find that the KAM buckle and SDS zippers are long-lasting and abrasion-resistant.

  • Adjustable and Detachable Straps

The Piscifun Tackle Bag’s shoulder straps are adjustable and detachable to accommodate anglers of different builds. The bag’s main strap extends to 51.2 inches, while its associate strap extends to 36.2 inches.

You can use the straps to comfortably convert the bag to a sling shoulder bag, handbag, backpack, or chest bag. Plus, there are two belts designed to hold your fishing rods.

  • Large Main Compartment

The main compartment measures 11.8” x 8.3” x 3.9 inches. It’s spacious enough to house your lures, pliers, and a fishing lure box, as well as your phone, wallet, and other fishing essentials.

  • Reflective Safety Sticker

The bag’s reflective stickers help keep you visible during your fishing trip. Aptly named, they help reflect lights when it gets dark outside. They are even big enough for onlookers to see.

  • Comfortable and Breathable

Making sure you feel comfortable while fly fishing is a must, especially if you want to save your energy for the sport. To address this concern, the Piscifun Tackle Bag has a mesh fabric that helps keep you cool and fresh.

The bag is also ergonomic and has widened shoulder straps to reduce tension and help distribute weight better.

  • Multiple Storage Pockets

Inside the main storage pocket are three compartments to help you organize your fishing gear. Additionally, you can use the Piscifun Tackle Bag’s three external zippered pockets to store items you need quick access to.

Use the left pocket to store a water bottle or thermal mug. The right pocket is a small storage compartment that’s suitable for your tools.

What We Like

The Piscifun Tackle Bag is an excellent fly fishing pack because it has plenty of pockets. It is a much better alternative to fishing bags with just one large compartment.

If you find yourself consistently running out of storage on your fishing trips or scrambling to look for things in one large compartment, then you don’t have to worry anymore. The extra compartments allow you to organize and sort all of your essentials efficiently.

What We Don’t Like

While it has several small pockets, the bag doesn’t have enough large compartments. As such, if you’re carrying multiple large objects, you may not have enough room to store them.


  • Water-resistant
  • Durable
  • Adjustable straps
  • Multifunctional
  • Innovative design


  • Multiple storage compartments
  • Can’t carry a lot of large items

2. KastKing BlowBak Tackle Bag

The KastKing BlowBak Tackle Bag is for anglers who like to keep their stuff organized even while on the go. For its size, it is perfect for kayaking, canoeing, or even a trip to the pond. It includes all the essential features you’d need for storing and carrying your fishing rod and supplies.

Product Highlights

Let’s get a better idea of what features the KastKing BlowBak can offer you.

  • Water-Resistant Fabric

The KastKing BlowBak Tackle Bag features a 600 D water-resistant lining that helps repel water droplets and dirt. The coating also ensures that your bag’s content is extra protected from the outdoor elements. This design choice also makes the pack easy to clean.

  • Die-Cut Tactical MOLLE Hold-Down System

Using the MOLLE, you can fully customize your bag to your liking. Use it to attach crucial tools, gear, or other essentials you may need while fly fishing.

  • Hide-Away Zippered Pocket

The bag’s hide-away zipper pocket ensures that you can store liquids without the worry of anything spilling. You’ll also be able to use the pockets to help keep your hands free, allowing you to focus on fishing rather than carrying your gear.

The neoprene side pocket of the KastKing BlowBak Tackle Bag also lets you hold a fishing rod or combo holder as you fish. It also includes a built-in plier holder for added convenience.

  • Front Pockets and Main Compartment

The main compartment and front pockets can hold your fishing essentials while keeping them organized. The front pockets have a few nifty organization compartments, including slip and organizing pockets, along with a key chain clip to store your keys.

Aside from that, the main compartment lets you hold two 3600 size tackle trays. It even has a practical internal slip pocket for better organization.

  • Padded Back Pad and Shoulder Strap

The padded back pad helps alleviate some of the tension from the excess weight of the pack. Plus, the straps are adjustable and enable you to fit the bag to your body.

You will also find a sizeable quick-release shoulder strap buckle for speedy adjustments. This feature helps evenly distribute weight and prevents you from feeling off-balance and fatigued.

What We Like

The KastKing BlowBak Tackle Bag is exceptionally durable and provides excellent storage space. It can hold all the essentials for fly fishing and extra necessities or gear. The extra padding also ensures that you can stuff the pack full but won’t feel tired from carrying it from one spot to another.

What We Don’t Like

The only downside we’ve found is that the water bottle holder can only fit small water bottles. You won’t be able to use a thermos mug or carry anything bigger than a 12-ounce bottle.


  • Versatile design
  • Tough material
  • Integrated storage
  • Efficient organization
  • Functional


  • Small water bottle holder

3. Ghosthorn Fishing Tackle Bag

The Ghosthorn Fishing Tackle Bag is perfect for anglers who crave comfort and convenience. The bag includes welcome improvements, including widened sides for quick lure changes and a removable sheath for pliers. You will also find the extra padding helps keep you comfortable during a full day of fly fishing.

Product Highlights

Now that we’ve taken a look at the bag’s improvements, we want to check the features, and here are what we’ve found:

  • Built-in Rod Holder

There are two-rod belts located on each side of the pack. What these do is help hold fishing rods to your backpack with ease. They ensure that your rods don’t slip out while you’re moving locations and free you from the inconvenience of having to hold them.

  • Expandable Water Bottle Pocket

Unlike other models, this pack includes an expandable water bottle pocket. The pocket can stretch and fit an 800-milliliter water bottle. As you may have noticed, it is significantly bigger than most other bags that can only hold 12-ounce bottles or smaller.

  • D-Ring and MOLLE Straps

The MOLLE straps and D-rings allow you to customize your tools for quick access. Using the D-rings, you can attach line cutters, pliers, or any other essentials that you’d need for your trip.

  • Lure Change

With the placement of the lure change, you can easily rotate the sling bag from back to front. This feature allows easy access to any tools you have stored in the compartments or on the D-rings. Plus, the widened side will enable you to keep a small box for quick lure changes.

  • Mesh-Covered Foam Panel

The mesh-covered foam panel of the Ghosthorn Fishing Tackle Bag allows cool air to pass through, preventing you from overheating. The fabric used features a waffle-like design, which allows sweat to evaporate and air to circulate. It’s suitable for long ventures, including fly fishing.

  • Water-Resistant Material

The bag prevents water damage because of its high-end nylon fabric construction. Nylon is known for its water-resistant properties, but it also can be sweat resistant. It’s a reliable choice for anglers who carry their gear for fly fishing.

  • Plier Holder

A nylon sheath is located on the side of the Ghosthorn Fishing Tackle Bag to store your pliers safely. You can remove the sheath from the bag if necessary, but it will still keep your pliers safely secured when not in use. This feature comes in handy when you have a fish caught on your line, and you need access to the pliers using one hand.

  • Multiple Storage Pockets

Lastly, there are a handful of small storage pockets on the Ghosthorn Fishing Tackle Bag’s exterior. These pockets are perfect for carrying your phone, wallet, or keys safely. They also can keep your fishing accessories organized and within reach.

What We Like

We love that you can use the D-rings to attach smaller bags to the pack. This allows you to extend the amount you’re carrying, and it also provides you easy access to all your tools.

What We Don’t Like

The only downside is that the backpack doesn’t hold much in it. It’s suitable for all the essentials, but it doesn’t leave much space for extras. Because of this, it’s best to keep in mind how much you plan on carrying.


  • Large capacity
  • Water-resistant
  • Durable
  • Adjustable straps
  • Multifunctional
  • Includes a warranty


  • Limited space

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4. Allen Gunnison Switch Pack

The Allen Gunnison Switch Pack is your one-stop solution for a convertible backpack. This unique pack enables you to convert it from a daypack to a left- or right-sided sling pack. Aside from that, it includes enhancements from a standard backpack, including storage pockets that can open from either side, front and rear buckles, and a hydration pocket.

Product Highlights

What else does the Allen Gunnison Switch Pack have to offer? Let’s take a closer look at its most notable features.

  • Vertical Interior Storage Pockets

Vertical storage pockets are suitable for storing boxes and gear. The main compartment of the Allen Gunnison Switch Pack features a full-length zipper that you can access from both sides. This makes it easy to open when you need to access your tools quickly.

  • Front and Rear Buckles

The front and rear buckles integrated into the Allen Gunnison Switch Pack provide extra space. You’ll be able to attach an Allen chest pack on the front side of the backpack. The Allen chest pack is large enough to hold one fly fishing toolbox.

  • Heavy-Duty Molded Zipper

The Allen Gunnison Switch Pack has a heavy-duty molded zipper that allows you to open any compartment from any side of the backpack.

  • Adjustable Straps

You can fit the Allen Gunnison Switch Pack’s adjustable straps to your torso to help evenly distribute weight. You can also use the adjustable bottom straps to hold outdoor wear, such as rain jackets or down jackets.

  • Hydration Pocket

Lastly, there is a hydration pocket that allows you to fill it with water. This feature is convenient if you don’t want to worry about holding a water bottle.

What We Like

The versatility of removing or connecting an extra pack using the front and rear buckles is ideal. You get the freedom of choosing whether or not you want additional storage compartments.

What We Don’t Like

The sling feature of the Allen Gunnison Switch Pack may be interesting, but it’s a bit uncomfortable to use. The bag is already big, and using it as a sling can be frustrating because it takes up much space.


  • Multiple compartments
  • Multifunctional design
  • Durable
  • Convertible
  • Large size


  • The sling feature isn’t the best

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5. Aertiavty Compact Fishing Tackle Bag

If you’re looking for comfort, you don’t have to look further than the Aertiavty Compact Fishing Tackle Bag. The shoulder strap is interchangeable and makes it easier to swap from shoulder to shoulder. Additionally, it’s compact and slim so that you can easily transport the bag without any hassle.

Product Highlights

Is comfort the only thing that the Aertiavty Tackle Bag provides? Let’s take a closer look at the bag’s features.

  • Ergonomic Shoulder Strap

The Aertiavty Compact Fishing Tackle Bag’s shoulder strap has an ergonomic design that helps reduce fatigue. It’s also been cushioned to add extra comfort and includes a breathable material that evaporates sweat.

  • Water-Resistant

The pack is crafted using nylon fabric, which is known for its water-resistant properties. It is ideal for anglers because you can be fishing in the rain or in full sunshine. All of your belongings will get protected from water or the environment.

  • Solid and Durable Zipper

The zippers integrated on the Aertiavty Compact Fishing Tackle Bag are also waterproof. What’s more, they are rust-proof and won’t break easily even after consistent use.

  • Main and Side Compartments

The large compartment can hold your main fishing gear and a tackle box or two. There are also pockets on each side of the Aertiavty Compact Fishing Tackle Bag. They are perfect for holding fishing accessories that you need quick access to. You will also find a rod holder that you can use to secure your fishing rod.

  • Adjustable Straps 

This tackle bag features adjustable straps to achieve your preferred carrying style. Move the straps to make a chest fishing bag or as a backpack with a rod holder. 

What We Like

The bag doesn’t look like it, but it’s compact and has a lot of space. You’ll be able to fit all of your essential tools plus a few extras in the side compartments. It’s not bulky but is highly efficient at storing all your fishing tools and accessories in the pack.

What We Don’t Like

While this pack has a fishing pole holder, it may not fit every fishing pole type. If you’re using a thicker rod, the holder might not be able to accommodate it.


  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Medium size 
  • Multi-purpose


  • The fishing pole holder doesn’t fit all poles

Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to selecting a fly fishing sling pack, there is plenty of considerations. A backpack suitable for one person may not work for another depending on their activities.

As a fly fisher, it’s crucial to have all your gear organized and ready to go. A sling pack allows you to easily access your tools in a few seconds due to the unique design.

Still, multiple types of extra features can help enhance your organization and ease of access. So, you should carefully consider the below-mentioned factors before making a choice.

1. Size

The size of the pack is going to be the most significant factor when choosing a pack. You want to ensure that the sling can hold all of your fishing gear, including the pole, accessories, and a fishing box. Also, account for any extras such as a water bottle and lunch box.

2. Attachments and Compartments

Sling packs come in all types of shapes and sizes. When choosing which one to get, you’ll want to consider features such as multiple pockets, D-rings, and MOLLE designs. That said, the more compartments a pack has, the bulkier it will be.

3. Ambidextrous Design

Most anglers will use a sling pack over their right shoulder, but not everyone is right-handed. Manufacturers are becoming more aware of this problem and offer sling pack designs that are ambidextrous and are interchangeable.

4. Water Resistance

You’d think that most sling packs designed for fishers are waterproof. However, many bags still lack a waterproof lining, which can cause your gear to get wet and damaged. Look for sling packs that include a nylon lining, as the fabric is the most effective at keeping water, mud, and dirt out of the pack.

5. Comfort

Fly fishing requires movement and also standing around for extended lengths of time. Having an uncomfortable sling pack can make fishing more tedious than relaxing. So, make sure you invest in quality packs that include padding, mesh fabric, and adjustments.

Fly Fishing Sling Pack FAQs

1. Why Do You Need a Sling Pack?

A sling pack’s design is made with fishing in mind. Regular duffle bags or backpacks won’t have the compartments you need to keep your fishing gear organized and will cause you to fumble around. When fly fishing, you’ll want to have quick access to your rod, tools, and accessories. 

2. Are There Women’s and Men’s Fly Fishing Sling Packs?

Yes, gender will matter when it comes to using a fly fishing sling pack. The reason for this is that you’ll want the weight to get distributed evenly when you walk around with the bag. Male and female versions will have different adjustments based on physique and stature.

3. How Do You Wear a Sling Pack?

A sling pack is worn similarly to a sash that crosses from your shoulder to the opposite hip. You’ll want your sling pack positioned either left or right of you. Or for the bag to be fitted either in front or behind you, depending on the design. Lastly, you’ll need to adjust the straps so that the bag is resting on the middle of your back.

4. Do Sling Packs Hurt the Shoulders?

Sling packs only hurt the shoulders if the straps aren’t adjustable and there is no padding. As long as you invest in a sling pack with padding and adjustable straps, you shouldn’t experience any strain or pain. Just remember to find a sling pack that correctly fits your torso and isn’t too big or bulky.

Which Fly Fishing Sling Pack Is Best?

Our final recommendation for the best fly fishing sling pack is the Ghosthorn Fishing Tackle Bag. It features a unique design that can carry all of the essentials plus a bit more. The only downside is that it isn’t a large pack and may limit you on space.

That said, the large capacity, water-resistant fabric, and adjustable sling make it the perfect angling sling. It also comes with a 30-day return policy which means you can always return it if you don’t like it.

Hopefully, we’ve helped you find at least one fly fishing sling pack for your upcoming fishing ventures.

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