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[Video] Tying a Winter Stonefly

Ken Sperry

Posted by Ken Sperry

February 13, 2010

Rich Strolis shares how to tie one of his winter flies, a little winter stonefly, in this fly tying video tutorial.

Winter Flies or Does It?

I guess it depends on who you ask but for me winter does feel like it is moving along pretty quickly, despite the 2-feet of snow we got this week. Never-the-less it is still winter, so let’s talk winter flies. The last few weeks we covered some fun midge patterns that are great winter flies, but let’s not forget our little stonefly friends. They are around too and trout like them, so we like them.

Winter Stoneflies

Small Winter Stoneflies, belonging to the family Capniidae (for you Latin lovers), are…well…small, for stoneflies anyway. Typically 7 to 10 mm in length (size 14 to 18) the winter stonefly emerges November through June – keep an eye out for them.

Winter Stonefly Material List

Hook: TMC 100 spbl, size 16-20
Thread: UTC 70
Head: Black bead, 2mm
Body: Thread / Mole
Antennae / Legs / Tails: Doug Swisher GX-Wiggly’s
Wing Case: Midge diamond braid
Ribbing: X-Small Ultra-Wire