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Ken Sperry

Creator of DIY Fly Fishing

Join thousands of DIY fly fisherman (and women) that are finding new places to fish.

Karl H / 


First of all let me say, I love the map! Love it!

A few years ago I went from Texas to Idaho and fished Henry's Fork for the first time, below Island Park.

I knew nothing of the area, and had to figure it all out on the trip, just like you describe, so I can identify with the need for this kind of resource. The local fly shop just wanted me to hire a guide, so not much help there.

Again, I love the map and will surely be using it as a future reference. Thank you so much for creating it.

Ed b / 


Thanks Ken, great app!

Xiaomai / 


Hey Ken, I love your site! You're doing an OUTSTANDING JOB!

Scott S/


Thanks Ken. Works perfect! 

I appreciate the work you do for this project…especially in Virginia.

fred e/


Thank you for such a wonderful site. My son and I have just started the fly-fishing experience together and your site has proven to be a great resource.

Seth F/

North Carolina

Thanks Ken, I had previously purchased the old version when I headed out to Colorado to fish. Haven’t been to Raven Fork but did really well on the spot north of the campground near Cherokee.

Loving the app and please let me know if I can help going forward.

Kevin s/


I love your app and use it often to find new spots to fish.

Timothy D/


I love Fridays for an all new reason!

The information that you are providing is invaluable, and incredibly interesting at the same time. 

I feel a little guilty as there is no cost for all the free content and your GREAT services!!!

Thanks so much.

George W/


This is awesome and thank you for all the work you did to share this information and to do so at a moment's notice! 

Probably ask more questions as we get closer to our trip, thanks again!

Dan H/


I love your site. You have so much good content, and very helpful for us DIY fly fishermen!