[Video] Tenkara Fly Tying Japanese Style

Mr. Katsutoshi Amano, one of the longest practitioners of tenkara in Japan, shows us how he ties his tenkara flies – Japanese style.

Japanese Tenkara Flies

Tenkara fly tying Japanese style? I know that’s a bit of an oxymoron but after seeing Daniel Galhardo tying a tenkara fly freehand I wondered if that is how they do it in Japan, and yes it is. Or at least that’s how folks started out anyway.

While the practice of tying tenkara flies freehand is a traditional practice in Japan, it is also practiced elsewhere in the world. From the UK to South America and even here in the US. Back before fly tying vises became commercially available that’s just how you did it.

Tenkara to Unite the World

In a world that seems so divided today it’s neat to think about something as simple a tying flies, and fly fishing in general, that is practiced world-wide.

Even though this video is in Japanese, and I don’t speak Japanese, I understand (and you probably do too) every word, or at least every emotion, of that Mr. Amano expresses.

Just think, what if more politicians and world leaders took up tying flies and fly fishing? Maybe we’d all understand each other better and bring us closer together.

Who knows!

p.s. As an update to my last post, I successfully won a bid on eBay for my first Tenkara fly rod – a TenkaraUSA ITO! If it arrives in time and I’m able to walk (I sprained my ankle badly yesterday), I’ll break it in this weekend and let you know what I think.

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