[Video] Scudmarine Steelhead Style Nymph

Gilbert Rowley from FlyTying123 shows us how to tie the Scudmarine, a very effective steelhead nymph pattern.


It may not be well known that steelhead are fond of pink scud patterns, but apparently it’s true (you did notice the beautiful steelhead at the beginning of the video, right?). Gilbert’s good friend and Fly Fishing Team USA member Devin Olsen tipped him off four years ago and he has been using them since.

Tie up a few and give’em a try!

p.s. If you are looking for more great steelhead videos FlyTying123 recommends:

Steelhead Dreams Part 1 – by Todd Moen


“A documentary style project about a mother, father and daughter growing up in the back country of British Columbia. 34 years later the mother/daughter team are still working harder than ever operating a world class Steelhead Lodge in Norhtern B.C. Here is part 1 from Catch Magazine’s November issue. Camera work and editing by Todd Moen.”

How to Nymph for Steelhead

Fly Fishing Steelhead for Beginners – Part 3 – Nymph Fishing for Steelhead

This is Part 3 in the series, “Nymph Fishing for Steelhead”. Techniques shown here are used on many rivers in the Western US including the Methow, Wenatchee, Klickitat, Deschutes, John Day, Grande Ronde, and many more. It is very effective and similar to the fly fishing tactics used for trout. In this video, a Switch Rod and a Wulff Ambush Line was used.

Flies for Steelhead in the Great Lakes Region

Steelhead Flies — Best Flies for Great Lakes Steelhead Fly Fishing

“Good steelhead flies for the Great Lakes tributaries in Ontario, New York, Michigan, Ohio. Egg fly patterns, nymph fly patterns, wooly bugger fly patterns, egg sucking leech fly patterns are your top choices for great lakes steelhead and brown trout.”

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