[Video] Daddy, what is a Wooly Fly?

Ok, so I couldn’t find a video of a Wooly fly so a Woolly Bugger will have to do. This version, one of probably a 1,000 or more woolly fly patterns out there, is presented by Scott’s Virtual Fly Tying. I like Scott’s fly tying videos because he gives you the recipe for the fly, something not everyone does – thanks Scott, keep the videos coming!

So What is a Wooly Fly?

Good question; one that my 5-year old, Jack, asked me the other day and to be honest I could not really answer. Maybe you can help. I know of the Woolly Bugger, arguably one of the most versatile and effective fly patterns ever created, and the Woolly Worm, which is believed to have evolved from the British palmered flies, but not a Wooly Fly per se.

Woolly Wisedom

Perhaps if I owned a copy of Woolly Wisdom by Gary Soucie, which reportedly has over 400 Woolly Bugger, Woolly Worm and related woolly fly patterns, I would know what a Wooly Fly is. But alas, I don’t (I know shame on me).

Perhaps you know? If so, please leave me a comment below so I can put Jack at ease!

Happy tying!

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