DIY Fly Fishing Sweepstakes Winner and User Feedback – October 2017

Thanks to all who entered the first DIY Fly Fishing Sweepstakes and for all the great feedback on how to improve the DIY Fly Fishing website and mobile app!

Congratulations go out to our Sweepstakes winner Matthew McGrane.  Matt was chosen at random from all the DIY Fly Fishing community members who submitted feedback on how to make the DIY Fly Fishing website and app better.  Matt will be receiving a $100 Amazon Gift Card.

The most common suggestions are summarized below and I'm already hard at work addressing them.

Top Suggestions to Improve Website and Mobile App

  • Add fly recommendations and hatch information for fishing locations 
  • Provide more detailed information on fishing access points (where to park, where to go, fishing boundaries, etc.)
  • Add more detailed information on each stream, river or lake
  • Add information on best time of year to fish
  • Allow users to comment on fishing locations and add fishing reports/current conditions
  • Add area fly shops and guides to maps
  • Add target fish available for each location, include pictures if possible
  • Add local weather conditions
  • Use different map markers for streams and lakes
  • Add more fishing locations!

Mobile App Specific Suggestions

  • Increase map zoom on starting app so markers are not on top of each other or cluster markers
  • Include option for smaller search radius on Search Function

Lastly, there were numerous request to bring back 5-Bullet Friday! 5BF is a weekly round-up of the best fly fishing and fly tying tips I find on the web each week.  You asked for it, you got it.  5-Bullet Friday is coming back!

Thanks again for all the great feedback! Overall it was very positive and encouraging (glad to hear I’m on the right track:).

If you have any further suggestions, please leave them in the comments below!

About the Author Ken Sperry

Ken is an avid fisherman of 40+ years who loves to explore and is on a quest to map the best places for fly fishing in America. He created the DIY Fly Fishing App to share this information and help you find new places to fish.

Christine Spencer says

I downloaded the app because I wanted access info. We fish a rubber pontoon boat – my husband is a paraplegic and it’s his only way to get out there; so ramps are very important. Am I using the app wrong? Or can you use this a another suggestion to your site. Obviously regular boat ramps ( not looking for “handicap accessible” I only wish…). I tried a local lake we fish on your app that I know for certain the details and it was not on your map. That lake has 3 ramps. We are moving into a class a with a toad and boat and will be traveling the US including Alaska and Canada. Your app map I’m not confident I’m using it right. I don’t want to miss any good spots.
Thanks. Christine

Ken Sperry
Ken Sperry says

Hi Christine! Much of the focus to date has been mapping places to fish for trout on rivers in the US. If you let me know which states/areas you will be visiting and which fish species you are targeting I can prioritize uploading lake and boat ramp data in those areas. Thanks for the suggestion!

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