Angler’s Pint Glassware by Karen Talbot

Renown artist and conservationist, Karen Talbot, has married her fine drawings of fresh and saltwater fish with a favorite pastime of many anglers – drinking beer! What could be better than enjoying Karen’s amazing artwork while sipping your favorite brew. Now you can with Angler’s Pint glasses.

Angler’s Pint Glasses

The Angler’s Pint is a 21.5 ounce pint glass (larger than both an American & a British pint!) with one of Karen’s scientific illustrations of a fish reproduced in full color on the glass. At the top of the glass, a fly rod (above a British crown and an American flag) whimsically boasts the Angler’s Pint’s superiority. In short, it is perfect for tall tales after a day on the water.

To learn more about Angler’s Pint glassware and to receive a special discount on Karen’s latest creation, the Brown Trout Angler’s Pint, visit The Angler’s Pint.

About Karen Talbot

For many years, Karen Talbot has masterfully captured the fishes, birds and botanicals she encounters while traveling the world with sketchbook in hand. Karen’s work is unique in that it possesses the detail of a scientific illustration, while, at the same time, presenting an aesthetically pleasing work of art that is as at home in a corporate office as it is in a streamside cabin.

A diver, angler and hiker, Karen paints from nature in a variety of media, including watercolor, pen & ink, and acrylic. An ardent conservationist, Karen aims to educate through art, and a portion of all sales help conserve the wildlands, rivers and oceans that inspire her paintings.

Collected by anglers, scientists and anyone passionate about the beauty of the natural world, Karen’s paintings can be found worldwide at art shows, galleries, retail stores, restaurants, trade shows, and fishing tournaments, as well as in books, magazines, hotels, and client’s homes.

About the author

Ken is an avid fisherman of 40+ years who loves to explore and find new places to fish. He created DIY Fly Fishing to help you do the same.

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