5-Bullet Friday | 08 April 2016

Welcome to another “5-Bullet Friday”, in which we feature the best fly fishing & fly tying tips from around the web.

  • 10 Tips on Fly Fishing from Boats – Zach Matthews provides some helpful tips that will not only make you a better angler from a boat but may also help you avoid pissing off your boat companion! via Itinerant Angler Read Article.
  • Guide Tip: Check Your Rig For Tangles and Unwanted Debris – I know this sounds pretty obvious but you’d be surprised how often we waste time fishing with junk on our flies as guide Kent Klewein explains, via Gink & Gasoline. Read Article.
  • 6 Keys to Sight Fishing – Sight fishing isn’t a matter of how sharp your eyesight is; it’s all about knowing where and how to look for fish. Learn Kirk Deeter’s “six keys” for successfully  spotting fish. via Field & Stream. Read Article.
  • [Video] Muskie Tackle 101 – Muskie present unique challenges for tackle and rigging. From big rods to bite tippets, find out everything you need to know for chasing muskie on the fly in a short instructional video from Tight Lines Fly Shop. Via Franken Fly. Watch Video.
  • [Video] Spey Rods, Fly Speed, and Covering Water – The transition from a single-hand rod to a Spey rod requires some adjustments to your thinking. If you’re interested in swinging flies, check out these 3 short videos that, together, offer some sound advice. Via Orvis Fly Fishing Learning Center.  Watch Videos..


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Ken is an avid fisherman of 40+ years who loves to explore and find new places to fish. He created DIY Fly Fishing to help you do the same.

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